Study in Ireland: Why Top Choice for Indian Students?

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As a student, you may have thought quite a few times, why study in Ireland? Well, Ireland has one of the world’s top educational systems. Numerous academics have come out of this European nation’s institutions and colleges.

The fact that all of Ireland’s major cities like Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway are home to English-speaking citizens, is the biggest motivation for Indian students to study there. The courses are primarily taught in English. So, cultural immersion can be done without any problem.

The Globally Top-Ranked Irish Universities

Here is a list of the top 7 universities in Ireland for international students in 2024 as per the QS World University ranking. It will help you to figure out why you should give importance to studying in Ireland.

Global RankingUniversity Name
81Trinity College Dublin
171University College Dublin
289University College, Cork
426University of Limerick
436Dublin City University
801-850Maynooth University
851-900Technological University

* Data as per QS University Ranking 2024

Under study abroad programs in Ireland; these are the top 7 universities established in the Western European country.

Advantages of Studying in Ireland

There are certainly some benefits of studying in Ireland. International students wishing to pursue a master’s degree choose to study in Ireland. Obtaining an MS degree from there can significantly improve your employment possibilities.

Studying at universities located in Ireland also has a unique aspect. While Dublin and other Irish towns are home to numerous prestigious universities, the cost of studying in Ireland and staying in these educational institutions is comparatively lower than that of London and other European countries.

Here are the top 3 advantages of the Irish education system:

  1. Top-Ranked Education: Internationally recognized degrees are offered by several top-ranked universities in Ireland along with research opportunities.
  2. English-Speaking Environment: Many overseas students who speak English can overcome their language barrier by studying in Ireland.
  3. Career Prospects: Students can acquire useful knowledge and expertise through possible post-study employment in the thriving European industries.

Master’s Programs in Ireland

Here are the top 10 postgraduate courses for studying in Ireland in 2024.

  1. Master of Business Administration
  2. Master in Computer Science
  3. Masters of Engineering
  4. Master in Data Science
  5. Masters in FinTech
  6. Masters in Business Analytics
  7. Masters in Cloud Computing
  8. Masters in Cybersecurity
  9. Master in International Business Management
  10. Master in Digital Marketing

Usually, the application deadline for universities in Ireland to the CAO (Central Applications Office) is the 1st of February each year.

However, if you miss the CAO deadline, there is a CAO late application service which usually remains open until the 1st of May.

Post Study Work Permit in Ireland

The post-study work permit options for international graduates in Ireland have made the country a prime choice for individuals seeking higher education. With a good number of globally renowned multinational corporations based in Ireland including Google, Microsoft and Apple, the employment prospects are vast. Irish universities also rank prominently in global university rankings. You can easily understand the awesome career prospects in Ireland post-study.

Moreover, there is a post-study stay-back option available for every student who completes their higher education in Ireland with opportunities for both full-time and part-time job positions.

Career Prospects in Ireland After Studying

Ireland presents a golden opportunity for Indian students seeking an international education and a rewarding career. You can look at the career opportunities you can receive in Ireland.

3 Advantages:

1. Thriving Tech Sector

Major tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple have a strong presence in Ireland, creating a high demand for skilled professionals in areas like software development, data analytics and cybersecurity.

2. Globally Ranked Universities

Several Irish universities boast excellent reputations, providing you with a top-notch education valued by employers worldwide.

3. Focus on In-Demand Skills

Irish institutions offer customised programs to meet industry needs, ensuring you graduate with the skills employers are actively seeking.

For Indian students with qualifications in these high-demand fields, Ireland offers a clear path to a successful career launch after graduation.

Texas Review’s Contribution to the Education Sector

Texas Review is a well-known Indian student visa consultant that can assist you with every step of your international education journey.

We provide test preparation assistance to help you achieve high scores on standardised tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT or GRE.

With a vast network of connections spanning over 300 universities worldwide, we offer comprehensive support throughout from identifying suitable scholarships to streamlining your applications. Our overseas experts can guide you at every step of your academic journey along with helping you with student visa applications in Ireland.



1. Are there scholarships available for international students in Ireland?

Yes. Governmental scholarships, university or institutional scholarships and external organisation scholarships are available for international students in Ireland.

2. How much money do I need to show for a student visa in Ireland?

For a Long Stay D visa (Staying in Ireland for more than 90 days), you need to pay approx. INR 5422 for a Single Entry and approx. INR 9036 for Multi Entry.

3. What are the most popular programs for international students in Ireland?

Computer Science, Engineering, Law, Pharmaceuticals and Data science are some of the most popular programs for international students in Ireland.

4. What are the requirements to study in Ireland?

Good academic records, English language proficiency, a student visa, health insurance, a personal statement and a valid passport are the requirements to study in Ireland.

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