Why study for a master’s degree in Canada?

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Canada is one of the most preferred abroad study destinations. International students every year stepping in Canada and their number is continuously growing. It is a huge number of around 2, 50,000.

There are significant reasons due to which students are driven towards Canada. In the race, Canada outruns other destinations like the US, the UK, France and Australia.

Eventually, Canada ensures safety and employment options with quality and affordability in education. This should be the primary reason that young people all over the world feel happy to decide Canada as their abroad study destination.

World-Class Education (Universities & Colleges):

You will find a wide variety of research and innovation programs with various scope, character and size. Higher education institutions in Canada provide diverse programs that would motivate students.

However, Canadian universities maintain high education standards with proper quality control. It provides long term benefits for the student’s career.

Besides, if you get a Canadian degree, certificate or diploma; it is recognized across the world as a certificate equivalent to the one obtained from the US or other commonwealth countries.

Affordable Academic Expenses:

Take a relative comparison and you would come to know that the international tuition fees along with living and accommodation expenses are very less.

This is one of the crucial reasons for which most of the international students choose Canada for their higher education even if they get an opportunity in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

Job opportunities:

Work while studying:

Under some terms and conditions, in order to incur debts, students (while studying) are permitted to work off-campus. This is one of the considerable benefits which students gain.

But, to get the right to work off-campus:
  • A student should have a valid study permit
  •  He/she should be a full-time student
  • The student has to enroll at a designated learning institution (at post-secondary level) or in a vocational program (at secondary level) in Quebec
  • He/she should be an academic, vocational or a professional student seeking a diploma or a certificate which is 6 months in duration
If the student is qualified:
  • He/she can work 20 hours a week during academic sessions.
  • The student can work full time while in scheduled holidays
Work after studying (Post-graduation work permit):

The Canadian government offers some programs if a student wants to become a Permanent Resident (Canadian citizen). In general, such programs are not available or rather would be more difficult in other countries. It is the Post-graduation Work Permit.

Besides, the candidate will get this work permit up to 3 years after the completion of his/her study program for its duration.

For example, if the candidate is a graduate and completed his/her 4-year study program, the work permit duration is 3 years. Or if it is a 12 months study program, the work permit duration would be 12 months.

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What are the eligibility criteria to study in Canada?

Canadian Permanent Residence:

Canada offers Canadian Experience Class (CEC) for the graduates who seek Permanent Residency. If the candidate has skilled Canadian work experience by Post- Graduate work experience, he/she is eligible for CEC.

However, provinces like British Columbia and Quebec through their immigration streams select some graduates considering their eligibility for Permanent Residence.

How do Provinces Select:

If you go for British Columbia’s International Post-Graduate category, you have a benefit and you don’t require a job offer. Your application is processed through the Federal Express Entry immigration selection system.

If you are a graduate from Quebec Province, you can apply for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) and it happens through Quebec Experience Class.

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Know What Canada is looking for!

Currently, Canada concentrates on Nation building. It does not consider international students with a vision of income source to the Private owned academic institutions in Canada.

Intentionally, Canada expects young and intelligent people who have proven their credentials. In simple terms, Canada wants youngsters to come, study, work and stay permanently as a Canadian citizen.

Enjoy the bilingual atmosphere:

Canada is a bilingual country (English and French being the official languages). There are better opportunities than you expect to develop your language skills and your work prospects.

You do course work in 2 languages (English and French) and it becomes a crucial part of the Canadian Education System. It enhances your cultural and communal reach.

Technological Excellence:

Canada offers programs in every field (both Industrial and non-industrial). However, some of its industries like digital media, telecom industry, biotechnology and aeronautical engineering are considerably strong.

Note, It is to know that Canada linked its schools and libraries to the internet through a special program called Innovative School Net Program. Note, Canada is the first country to do it.

Technological Leap:

Canadian technology has taken leaps that around 90% of the houses are internet-connected. Besides, according to a recent survey by CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority), Canadian citizens rank 2nd in the world for the maximum hours spent online.

Finally, for internet penetration rates, Canada ranks 2nd in the world and the internet is accessible almost everywhere in the country.

Research and discoveries:

In general, Canadian educational programs concentrate a lot of research and discovery. Canada’s motive is providing a complete education experience and to obtain from innovation and foresight.

There are many successful research works that proposed many discoveries and interesting theories.

Some of them are the invention of new devices for improved cancer detection and effective treatment for HIV/AIDS.

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Features of Canadian University System:

The main characteristics of Canadian Universities include a very supportive and transparent environment. Students are encouraged to express their ideas and communicate.

Moreover, lecturers’ intentionally include some entertainment and a bit of engagement to draw student’s attention and develop analytical thinking.

In Canadian universities, professors provide their students with feedback to share their learning and progress after the completion of examinations and evaluations.

Therefore, all the education programs in Canada are career-focused, they fairly increase the job market and employability rate.


In general, very few nations offer benefits for international students like Canada does. Canada, being the second largest mass in the world is building itself as a country with a diverse culture. It is welcoming youngsters from all parts of the world making

In fact, Canada is the happiest country in the world with a very low crime rate. In addition, the standard of living in Canada is amazing. There are plenty of job opportunities for people expecting a happy and safe life.

If you are looking to broaden your horizons, Canada is the best option. ALL THE BEST!!!

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