Why should you choose an ICCRC registered immigration consultant?

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Why should you choose an ICCRC registered immigration consultant?

You get access to verified and certified immigration consultants. Go through a secure visa process. A reliable way to handle an application means that it is unlikely that it will be rejected. Processing time is reduced. ICCRC’s mission is to protect consumers of immigration services by effectively regulating immigration and citizenship consultants and promoting the benefits of using only authorized immigration agents. ICCRC protects consumers in the following ways: Maintain a searchable database of all professionals regulated by ICCRC. ICCRC-approved immigration consultants are bound by immigration law, so there is no possibility of fraud or scam. Your visa application process is in safe hands when it is processed through an ICCRC agent. If you choose to hire a Texas Review certified and ICCRC approved immigration consultant, you can save yourself from hidden costs that other consultants in the industry will incur later. Choose a consultant wisely if you want your visa application to be approved as quickly as possible without incurring additional costs.  

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