Why is French called as the ‘Language of Love’

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Oh yes! French is said to be the most reputed romantic language in the world whose flowers are derived from the roots of Latin.

French language is a euphonic language and its pronunciation is pleasing to the hearers. Finding a harsh sound is very rare in French; observe this rule that the speaker would avoid using a consonant at the end of the word if there is no vowel following it.

This one rule would tremendously erase harsh pronunciation if any. This is only one among many.
A little about the fluency of the language; French language has a organized distribution in terms of vowels and consonants.

This fine distribution supports a euphonic flow all together which makes French a perfect language for poetry and music.This is the true reason for the flowery lyrics of French language.

This is mere historical question. French has got such an honor from two crucial pillars. The first one being the historical extension, the second is undoubtedly the uniqueness of the language.

Let us go through the history with a brief description.First of all, there are many historical versions available to explain our present question. Some of the stories are cultural, some are folk descriptions and some say that is the way the French made love.

Story # 1:

In fact, French language descends from Latin which is the language of Romans. History states that Romans were strong and invaded present French territory (previously called as La Gaule) and their native language then was ‘le Gaulois’.

There were many different dialect versions of this language. Even the present French has numerous traces of their ancient language.

It happened in the 1st and 2nd century BC, the Romans conquered rapidly and their language was similar to the native Gaulish language. Eventually people believed that the new language is fashionable and impressive for business.

Later on, Gauls were again dominated by the Germanic tribes called Franks. But Franks were also conquered by the Romans and they have to accept Roman Empire.

A blend of cultures was formed with Franks into Romano – Gallic populace and it is called Les Francs.
Here we go with our answer; French was previously called ‘le Francilien’.

Its origin was in Paris and extended over entire Europe through literature about the adventures and love of brave knights and heroes.

They named these stories as “Romances’ and it evolved till modern French word ‘roman’ which means ‘novel’. In English the word is ‘romantic’.

Therefore, along with the time, French has extended across its boundaries to many parts of the world mainly in France, Belgium, Canada, Monaco and Switzerland.

Story # 2:

Famous among the stories says that it happened during the 12th century in France.

In the olden days of the past, marriages never happened on the basis of individuals’ wishes but just to establish some business and economic ties between the two families.

It became common among people to believe that true love does not exist in marriages. Hence it is forced to idealize what true love is! “Love is always honorable and virtuous”.

Brave knights followed this idea who return home and patronize their lord’s spouses. They believe that their love was royal and spiritual. These writings had made many readers to crave for the same.

Noble priests catalyzed this concept of love all through southern France. This resulted inspiring many youngsters as they adopted this way of love and started their writings.

Eventually these priests continued to northern part of France. They called their language as ‘Occitan’. It mingled with the local languages and structured as ‘the language of love’.

Story # 3:

Another story talks about relative comparison of European languages with French. This explanation states that French is a smooth fluent language with a minimum number of harsh words.

Besides, in the medieval times, France became a center for every sort of cultural art like fine arts, dance, music, food and architecture etc. with a high quality life. Gradually, life in France became famous as a sophisticated life.

This created an artistic impression about the people living there and high degree smoothness required to win over the other gender.

And through this, French have got a loud name describing them skilled than people from other nationalities around. And hence it is the ‘language of love’.

A recent survey Google translate conducted and found some facts that would help us answer our question. The survey identified in many aspects that French is ahead of the other European languages like Spanish and Italian.

It is wonderful to come to a bottom line that history has created a world’s most loved and romantic language.Read more Interesting French Language Facts

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