Which is the Best IELTS Online Coaching Centre in Hyderabad?

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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized test which is taken by candidates who want to study or work or migrate to a country where English is the native language. This exam tests your proficiency in the basics of the English Language in terms of Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

The IELTS is conducted by the British council and IDP across 140 countries with acceptance in over 1400 corporate and educational organizations.

IELTS full form The International English language Testing System
Conducted by IDP and British Council
Eligibility 16 years and above
Score range 1-9
Test Fee Rs. 16,250
Pattern Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing


IELTS Format

IELTS comprises 4 sections:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Speaking
  4. Listening


IELTS Format





The IELTS Reading section includes 40 questions with a time limit of 60 minutes. It tests a candidate’s ability to present logical arguments, intentions and opinions.



The IELTS Writing section requires candidates to write 2 essays based on general topics.



The IELTS Speaking section Evaluates your speaking skills through an interaction between you and the examiner. Topics will be on everyday happenings.


Listening section requires candidates to answer questions based on audio recordings. The audio clip will contain conversations of native English speakers. This section will include 40 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes.

Importance of IELTS Coaching 

In order to study abroad, students are required to qualify for the IELTS. The IELTS is considered to be one of the toughest English language proficiency tests and to crack the test students require a holistic approach and professional guidance. 

It is quite impossible to crack IELTS on your own; therefore, taking professional assistance to crack the IELTS is advised.

The best way to ace IELTS is to enroll in a private test prep coaching consultancy or IELTS coaching centre which has a good track record and qualified instructors. This will help you in availing of a structured plan for your IELTS test.

Students planning to prepare for IELTS coaching can take either IELTS online coaching or IELTS offline coaching.

IELTS online coaching is a computer and internet- based learning where students can attend online IELTS classes and learn according to their convenience. Over the years, this method of learning has gained momentum as students are not required to travel to a classroom to attend classes. This blog will highlight the best IELTS online coaching centre in Hyderabad. Read on!

Why Texas Review for IELTS Coaching?

The fastest emerging leader in test preparation, Texas Review boasts of a high success rate. With years of experience in imparting quality coaching services, we have assisted thousands of students in achieving their desired scores for admission into their favorite universities.

Texas Review is a flagship institution in training students and professionals on test preparation for IELTS. We also counsel aspirants on career pathways and abroad education plans. With a dozen feats in the coaching industry, we have administered IELTS coaching consultancies to thousands of students pan India.

Our IELTS test prep team coaches you in identifying different aspects of your learning process thereby setting ambitious goals. The Texas Review IELTS test preparation style is customized and well-tailored according to your requirements and convenience.

We at Texas Review, Hyderabad create a personalized plan that fits your criteria with coaching and counseling and create the best opportunities for you. We go the extra mile in teaching, motivating, and coaching you to take or retake any test prep examination.

The success of our students is truly inspiring to us and so is their faith in Texas Review. It was this faith that prompted us to embark on a mission to provide the best education services to our esteemed students. With a success rate of 98%, we can definitely say that Texas Review is undoubtedly the best IELTS coaching centre in Hyderabad.

Why is Texas Review the Best IELTS Online Coaching Centre in Hyderabad?

Texas Review is the best IELTS online coaching centre in Hyderabad with a high-success rate and a multitude of offerings. We offer the following features to IELTS aspirants:

  • IELTS Customized Training

Every individual has their own style of learning. At Texas Review IELTS online classes, the IELTS instructor attends to the students according to their level of understanding, intelligence and grasping skills. Students can also frame the classroom program themselves with all the study materials, videos and references. Get online coaching on all 4 modules of IELTS with our trainers.

  • IELTS Live Classes

You can interact with your Texas Review IELTS instructors and classmates at a scheduled time through IELTS live classes. Furthermore, you can participate in classroom discussions in real time and engage in classroom activities from the convenience of your home.

  • Time Management

Instead of wasting time commuting to the IELTS coaching institution, a student can opt for IELTS online Coaching classes. He can get access to all the classroom discussions, and lectures at his convenience and comfort

  • Personalized Feedback

Texas Review IELTS online coaching classes provide you with personalized coaching. In a classroom full of students the attention of the instructor might get divided, which would deprive you of proper and precise feedback from your instructor. Correct feedback will help you keep track of your progress through the training process. 

Online coaching will ensure the undivided care and attention of your trainer. This will enable him to deliver proper guidance and feedback on the basis of your performance.

  • Convenience

IELTS online coaching saves a lot of time for students who are either studying or working and have a very tight schedule. If you are someone who has very little time to spare for your IELTS test preparation, online coaching is your call.

All you need is good internet connectivity and you can attend the sessions over your phone or laptop as per your convenience. There is no need for the students to go to the training centers for attending classes. It also saves the money required to travel to the coaching institutions.

  • Round-the-Clock Assistance

Through Texas Review IELTS online coaching classes you will be under the observation of your instructors who will continuously assess and amplify your performance. Please be sure of getting your IELTS queries answered right away by your assigned trainer.

With the advancement of technology, online learning has been made an integral part of the study system in various institutions around the world. Students can get access to unlimited learning materials online anytime.

Learning materials on IELTS like video lectures, assignments, lecture slides, and forum messages are made available to you as per your schedule. Online learning activity serves the different purposes and preferences of each and every individual on the basis of his nature of learning and grasping power.

  • Clear your doubts

Get your doubts cleared any time of the day from Texas Review mentors at your convenience and comfort. IELTS online coaching gives you the provision of getting in touch with your trainers at any time of the day to discuss any query or clear any doubts.

  • IELTS Mock tests

The IELTS mock tests are an excellent process of evaluating a student’s progress in the process of learning. These tests will give you an idea of what type of questions to expect on test day.

The more you practice, the clearer the test process will be. It will also teach you to adapt to the speed of writing your tests.

  • IELTS Coaching Duration

Texas Review offers 1 month of IELTS online coaching sessions with 6 months of validity. 

Texas Review, Hyderabad IELTS online coaching Test Prep plans:

  • Full-Length Tests
  • Full-length Tests Score and Review
  • Module Wise Full-Length Tests
  • Video Lectures
  • Authorized Mentors
  • Study Plan & Free Study Materials
  • Mocks
  • Writing Reviews
  • Email & Chat Assistance
  • Live Classes
  • IELTS Mobile App
  • Longer IELTS Validity

 About Texas Review IELTS Mentors 

Teachers play an important role in guaranteeing success for students. A professional instructor will provide IELTS skill development, proper guidance and constructive feedback which will provide you with a clear picture of your progress. 

Texas Review is committed to providing you with a team of qualified and experienced teachers. Our instructors are certified and qualified to impart test preparation for IELTS.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. BOOK A CALL!

Any queries regarding test prep or IELTS online coaching in Hyderabad, please contact our expert counselor only at info@texasreview.in

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