What is the Purpose of the PTE Exam?

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What is the Purpose of the PTE Exam?

The Pearson Test of English, or PTE, is a computerised English Proficiency Test accepted globally by many esteemed universities and multinational companies. English Proficiency Tests are meant to assess the language competence of a candidate based on their grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, etc. For individuals seeking opportunities in education, immigration, and employment abroad, it is essential to provide their English proficiency tests scores for their studies, jobs, and visas.

PTE is a widely accepted English proficiency test for its unique automated scoring system, quicker results, and convenient registration system. Let’s understand the fundamentals of PTE.

Overview of PTE

PTE is the first computerized English Proficiency Test with an automated scoring system. It is a primary choice for many abroad aspirants because of its global acceptance, accuracy in scoring, flexible registration, quicker results, and so on. Find the basic details of the PTE exam in the table below.

PTE: Highlights

Fullform Pearson Test of English
Conducting Body Pearson PLC Group
Accepted Countries USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.
Exam Fee ₹15,900
Types of Exam PTE Academic, PTE General, PTE Academic online.
Duration of the Exam 2 Hours 15 minutes

What are the Purposes of the PTE Exam?

The primary focus of PTE is to assess the English proficiency of a candidate in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Many international universities and other multinational companies use the PTE results to filter potential candidates for their institutions.

There are mainly 4 occasions where PTE scores are required. They are:

  1. In Academic Admissions
  2. For Visa and immigration requirements
  3. For Professional Licensing and Certification
  4. To broaden the Employment Prospects

Role of PTE in Academic Admissions

PTE, as a prominent English proficiency test, has a crucial role in deciding the admissions of students from non-English speaking countries to the top-ranked universities in the world. Most universities find PTE scores more accurate because of its unique automated scoring system. Almost 74 countries in the world accept PTE scores.

Explore some of the countries and their required PTE scores in the table.

Top Countries Accepting PTE Scores Minimum Required PTE Score Major Universities
The United States of America 18-68 Texas State University,

Kent State University,

University of New Haven,

Arkansas State University, etc

The United Kingdom 43-59 University of Oxford,

University of Bath,

University of Southampton,

University of Warwick, etc.

Canada 50-61 McGill University,

University of British Columbia,

The University of Calgary,

University of Waterloo, etc.

Australia 50-65 Australian National University,

University of Queensland,

International College of Melbourne, Monash University, etc.

New Zealand 50-64 Wellington Institute of Technology, Auckland University of Technology, Massey University, Lincoln University New Zealand, etc.

PTE for Visa and Immigration Requirements

If you are dreaming of studying or working abroad, you must navigate through a series of visa and immigration requirements to make your dream a reality. Demonstrating your English language proficiency is an essential component in this process.

The PTE is a valid and reliable measure of the applicant’s English language skills. Here is a list of some of the countries that accept PTE scores for visa and immigration requirements.

Countries Accepted PTE Exam Minimum PTE Score Required
Australia PTE Academic 42-64
The United Kingdom PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI 43-59
Canada PTE Academic and General (Only for student visas) (Varies according to the courses)
New Zealand PTE Academic 58 (for skilled migrants)

29-36 (for other visa categories)

PTE in Professional Licensing and Certification

PTE has a prominent role in Professional licensing and certification from other countries. The PTE score requirements may vary according to the country, government, and profession. 

Find the appropriate PTE score required for each profession in other countries.

Country Profession PTE Score Requirements
USA Healthcare 42-58
Engineering 50-79
Teaching 53-77
Canada Healthcare 50-65
Engineering 50-74
Teaching 53-77
Australia Healthcare 65-79
Engineering 50-79
Teaching 65-79
The United Kingdom Healthcare 65-79
Engineering 50-79
Teaching 58-65

Role of PTE in Employment Opportunities

PTE has a crucial role in shaping your careers abroad. As a prominent English proficiency assessment, it is accepted globally as a valid proof of the aspirants’ language skills. While looking for employment opportunities abroad, English fluency comes as a major deciding factor in it. Even if you are looking for careers that may not mention English Proficiency test scores as a basic necessity, most authorities prefer candidates with a minimum English language skills. 

Here are some of the countries and the appropriate PTE scores for working there.

Country PTE Score Requirements
USA 50-70
Canada 58-73
The United Kingdom 54 and above
Australia 65 and above

Benefits of PTE

  1. Global Acceptance: It is a globally accepted English Proficiency Test. Thus, opens a wide arena of opportunities.
  2. Computer-based Test: This is the first completely computer-based English proficiency test.
  3. AI Scoring: PTE has an automated scoring system. So, the results would be a more accurate account of the candidate’s English proficiency.
  4. Quicker Results: Usually, the test results of a PTE exam are delivered within 48 hours after taking the exam. Hence, makes it the primary choice for many candidates.
  5. Convenient Registration: Candidates can book their tests even 24 hours before their preferred day of the exam. Moreover, India has almost 35 exam centers, making it accessible to every aspirant.
  6. Retakes Available: Candidates can retake the exam as many as times possible with a gap of 5 days between two consecutive exams. 

Tips to Score Well in PTE

A good score in PTE not only shows the English proficiency level of the candidate but is evidence of the candidate’s competitivity and determination. So, securing a standard score in the PTE exam helps the candidates fulfill their abroad dreams. Here are a few tips for you to score well in the PTE exam.

  • Set a Target Score

The minimum required PTE score varies according to the country, university, job, and visa type. So, do some research about the country or university of your choice and go through their eligibility criteria. Note down the PTE scores required and set a level higher than those scores as your target. Having a target score automatically enhances the intensity of our studies.

  • Learn About the Test Format

Not only for PTE but for any exam, it is essential to learn about the test format to score well. Research and familiarize yourself with the test format, number of sections, and other relevant details.

  • Understand the Scoring Pattern

Every test has its own unique system of scoring. So, go through the scoring system of PTE to get a grasp of the key factors that influence the process of scoring. This may help the aspirants to have a clear idea of how to approach each question in a rewarding manner.

  • Focus on Improving Your LSRW Skills

Train your ears to different accents, try to speak fluently about specific topics, read and comprehend newspapers, articles, magazines, and other resources, and write a paragraph daily on something. Watching English movies or series, reading English books, etc can improve your vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

  • Seek Assistance from an Experienced Mentor

You can join a recognized coaching center or seek guidance from an experienced mentor while preparing for the PTE exam. It will help you to get a more accurate assessment on your strong and weak academic areas.

  • Take Mock Tests

Frequently taking mock tests enhances your understanding of the strong and weaker points, and improves your time management skills. Consequently, this self-assessment enables you to focus on improving your weaker areas, ultimately increasing your chances of getting high scores on the test.

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