What are the Pro’s and Con’s of Learning French Language

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If you wish to learn a foreign language, there is a lot that follows your motive and obviously you will have some benefits. Prominent among them let you learn about new cultures and you will improve your job prospects and you can easily travel through different countries.
But there is another face of the coin and it is a small list of disadvantages that you ought to notice. Advantages and disadvantages are mutually productive and learning a foreign language has a small list of disadvantages too.
The first two things to consider are the cost you afford for the language courses and the time you spend learning them.
Weigh the cost and time you spend to learn the language on one side and the benefits you reap on the other side of the balance and you could easily judge that it is advantageous or disadvantageous to you.

French Language Pros:

Career Prospective:

Suppose you are bilingual or more, whatever the industry or job profile you may have, French is an asset to communicate with clients and people in other countries.
If you work for an international organization, then French becomes a staircase for your growth.
Did you know?
International organizations like NATO, the United Nations and International Olympics Committee had French as their official language.

An Entrance to New Culture:

Learning French doesn’t mean that you have learnt the language. That will probably include dressing style, arts, literature, culinary and architecture followed by the complete living style in common.
You get access to amazing French literature of great authors like Victor Hugo, Jean – Paul Sartre, Moliere, Albert Camus etc…

French is a Romance Language:

Oh yes! French is titled as the romance language, because it is such a beautiful language. Many countries speak French including Switzerland, some locations in Africa, Quebec province, Canada and many other places.

Gather New Friends:

You know! You need and you should gather French speaking friends for many reasons. The first reason may be to reach good French language fluency. You will meet a variety of people from different cultures you might have never known. At last, practicing a language includes practicing a culture too.

It’s a Rewarding Language:

Apart from many other things like new cultures, fashions and new people, French is very supportive of your career enhancement. Imagine yourself, the first time you talk some words to a French native and he understood that; that’s a wonderful feeling that makes you study harder and always keeps you motivated.

Learning is Always a Good Habit:

It is said, “Learning is the essence of life”, and your brain gets refreshed with a new thing. It will enhance your reasoning and logical thinking skills. Learning artistic things like music and literature will boost mind power on several levels.

Cons of French Language:

Cost of Learning:

Notice that learning French language can be expensive especially if you pick a college course or a personal tuition. But if you want you can go through books and online programs at an affordable price. Online training programs are generally cost affordable and your learning includes fun and effectiveness.
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Cost of Opportunity:

Look! Opportunity cost of doing something is the cost of what you could do instead. To learn French language, you need to expend a significant amount of cost, time and effort.
So think how beneficial it is or else you can spend the same time on learning something else like your math skills, reading skills, prepare for a competitive test or even learn a new hobby like gardening.

New Literature Will Squeeze Your Soul:

Even if you practice any new language with an iron will, situations will often crush your mind. Obviously in the first step you will refer to books, and in the second, you will watch movies.

And definitely you get confused with the jumbled words and dialects involved in there.
Actually, French is a truly difficult language if you have never been exposed to it before. But once you are into the language. It will be the most beautiful language.

Time Consuming:

Time consumption becomes an issue as you will be far from your social life. That might be for a long time or forever as per your future plans. Look, it takes a cumulative practice of 600
hours to become fluent. You have to sacrifice time in the first phase and gradually become a slave in the final phase.

People Will Be Mean to You:

This truly happens with almost everyone when they try to speak a foreign language. One native language speaker is enough to mess up your whole day.
In general when we walk up to a person, attempt for friendship or at least ask for directions, some native people might think that you are chopping their mother tongue.


Learning French might not be useful to some people but it is rewarding to many aspirants. If you are not interested to travel to different countries or cannot afford traveling costs, you will never be able to meet native French.
But if you are interested and ready to afford, learning French is exciting.
In addition, learning French keeps you ahead of those who didn’t learn, especially in the case of international students and job seekers of international organizations.Click here for the best French Classes in Hyderabad

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