Visa Season Extended by 2 Weeks for Hyderabad Students

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A good news for study-abroad-aspirant students from Hyderabad, the US consulate is going to extend the visa session by 2 weeks. The decision was taken after students made an online petition as 10,000 US F-1 or student visa slots were filled within 5 minutes.

The F-1 Visa or Student visa allows you to study as a full-time student at an accredited college or university in the USA.

The US consulate-general of Hyderabad stated on ‘X’ that the consulate had “extended the student visa season by two weeks.” The consulate also added, “Student visa interviews will now go on till the end of August.”

Meanwhile, Hyderabad has the longest waiting period 299 days for a US visa appointment compared to other metros.

Various Hyderabad students claimed the 10,000 F-1 Student visa slots opened were booked within 5 minutes leaving many students stranded in the portal’s waiting room.

Though not confirmed, news is coming in the media that the US consulate is considering adding more slots for Hyderabad.
Overall, it is good news for students of Hyderabad to get two extended weeks for visa processing with the hope that more slots will be added.

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