Update on Australia Invitation Rounds

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Update on Australia Invitation Rounds

Invitation rounds for skilled independent visas (subclass 189) and skilled work regional visas (provisional) (subclass 491) (family-sponsored visas) will be held quarterly. Round dates are subject to change.

The number of invitations for each round may vary depending on the number of applications processed by the department.

Note: State or territory government nominations for skilled workers (subclass 491) visas (provisional) are not affected by the department’s invitation round.

The government will carefully monitor immigrants and visa suspensions to accommodate Australians’ employment opportunities so that they are consistent with public health measures and that Australians can effectively respond to the immediate and subsequent consequences of COVID 19. And try not to make it crowded. Targeted invitations have been held since May 2020.

The Department will run quarterly invitation rounds for the remainder of the 2021-22 program year.

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