UK Student Visa Process Step by Step

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UK Student Visa Process Step by Step

Every year over 25,000 Indian students apply for the UK student visa. To guide you through the entire visa process, we bring to you this blog which will answer all your questions and solve your queries regarding the UK Student Visa Process step by step. Read on!

Why Study in the UK?

The UK is undoubtedly the most favourite destination of all study abroad aspirants in the world. So, if you too are dreaming of pursuing your further education from a UK Institution, you are in the right direction.

The UK educational institutions are top ranked and its qualifications are valued and acclaimed internationally. A major factor which attracts lakhs of students to the UK colleges and universities is its flexible choice of academic and vocational courses. You are presented with the option of selecting the courses which best suits your interest. Such a system gives you the freedom to develop different skill sets which eventually goes a long way in boosting your career. Studying in the UK also gives you the opportunity to be trained under some of the world’s leading academic experts.

India is a major source of international students for the UK.  To boost this movement the UK government has framed certain friendly laws for international students. The country has now allowed a 2 Year Post Study Work Visa upon completion of your program.

Known for its multicultural society, the UK is a melting pot of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. The locals are very open to other religions and nationals, thereby making your stay in the country a comfortable one.


A. Follow the steps for a successful UK student visa

Step 1: Eligibility

A UK Tier 4 Visa is mandatory if you want to study in the UK. The UK student visa applications are processed within three weeks of a successful application submission.

To check if you qualify for the student visa or not, you have to show:

  1. A confirmation of acceptance for studies from the college or university where you intend to study.
  2. Proof of funds to convince the visa officer that you are financially capable enough to cover your course fees and living costs in the UK.

Step 2: Gathering Correct Documents

Original documents along with a photocopy are to be produced for every document.

  1. a filled up visa application form
  2. proof of your confirmed place at the university
  3. a valid passport
  4. 1 passport size colour photograph
  5. any document that is in any regional language should be translated into English for verification

 Step 3: Online Application Process

 Register and create an account on the official UK Visa website. After completing your online application form, you will need to no print and sign your completed form.

In order to book an appointment at the visa application centre, you must use the online appointment calendar, upon which you will get an email message mentioning your application number.

 Step 4: Paying your Application Fee

You can make the payment for your visa application fee in 4 ways:

  1. Standard Chartered Bank-you can pay your fee at the standard chartered bank. Upon payment the bank will issue a demand draft in favour of the ‘British High Commission’.

      2. Demand draft from a nationalized or foreign bank– pay your application fee by getting a demand draft issued in favour of the ‘British High Commission’ by a nationalized or a foreign bank.  

     3. Payment at visa application centre– you can also pay the fee at the visa application centre while submitting your visa application.

     4.  Online Payment– use a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card to pay the visa application fee.

Step 5: Attending visa interview on the appointed date

Please visit the centre for your visa interview on the appointed date for submitting your application, facial photograph and fingerprints.


B. Documents required for a UK Student Visa

A student visa application requires a lot of documents as compared to a tourist visa. To ensure a smooth visa interview, you ought to carry the necessary financial and academic documents with you.  The list of documents is mentioned below:

  • a filled up visa application form
  • a valid passport
  • a letter of acceptance on the course
  • bank statement stating proof of funds
  • Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS), Clearance Certificate (if required)
  • visa fees payment confirmation receipt
  • original mark sheets/provisional certificates
  • language test scores
  • payslips
  • additional documents

C. Costs involved in a UK Tier 4 Visa

The cost of a Tier 4 general visa is £348. You need to pay £348 per person in case of any dependents

Study Program Average Tuition fee in GBP (£)
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree £6,000 to £16,000 yearly
Postgraduate master’s degree £10,000 to £20,000 yearly
Doctoral Degree £13,000 to £29,000 yearly


 D. Documents required for a UK Student Visa

A student visa application requires a lot of documents as compared to a tourist visa. To ensure a smooth visa interview, you ought to carry the necessary financial and academic documents with you.  The list of documents is mentioned below:

  •   a filled up visa application form
  •   a valid passport
  •   a letter of acceptance on the course
  •   bank statement stating proof of funds
  •    Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS), Clearance Certificate (if required)
  •    visa fees payment confirmation receipt
  •    original mark sheets/provisional certificates
  •    language test scores
  •    payslips
  •    additional documents

E. Study in the UK without IELTS

A few UK universities are considering student admission without the IELTS. However, there are some eligibility criteria which the student needs to fulfill in order to qualify for those universities.

  1.   the university considers your English test scores in High school with 60% in 10th and 12th
  2.   the medium of instruction was English
  3.   A few UK universities interview candidates online to check their potential and decide whether they can skip the IELTS.

F. UK Point Based Visa System

The UK visa is a point based visa system and it is mandatory for all students to meet all the requirements of the Immigration Rules and have 70 points in total.

Requirements Points
Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies from a fully licensed Tier 4 sponsor 50 points
Maintenance or funds 10 points
English language qualifications 10 points


G. UK Visa application Denial

A small error can get your visa application rejected. So, pay attention to the entire application process. Check for mistakes thoroughly. a few reasons for visa rejection are :

  • incomplete or missing documents
  • fraudulent documents
  • applying for wrong visa
  • failure to prove your financial means for your UK stay
  • criminal history


Q. What is a Student Route Visa?

A. The Student Route Visa (formerly the Tier 4 student visa) is a point based visa system for international students who want to study in the UK.

Q.When was the Tier 4 student visa replaced?

A.The Tier 4 (general) student visa was replaced in October, 2020 and is now called the Student Route.

 Q. What is a General student visa?

A. The General visa category is for students who are 16 years old or more and want to study in the UK.

 Q. What is a CAS?

A. ‘Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies’ is an electronic document issued by the University that has a unique reference number. You have to use this number while applying for a student visa.

Q. Is there a short term study visa?

A. Short term study visas are issued to students whose study program is less than 6 months.

Q. Who needs a student route visa?

A. Students whose study program is more than 6 months need a student route visa.

Q. What additional documents are needed?

A. Additional documents needed are:

  •   Biometric Information
  •   Your Sponsor’s Information
  •   2 Passport Size Photographs
  •   Proof of funds
  •   Bank Statements

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