Total Money Required for Canada PR from India

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Total Money Required for Canada PR from India

If you are a person who dreams about immigrating and settling in Canada, Canada PR is the best option for you. Canada PR enables you to live, work, and flourish in a vibrant community with the same rights as a Canadian citizen. 

However, getting a Canadian PR is not an easy thing. There are a lot of things to take care of before applying for a Canadian PR, including the eligibility, funds required, etc. Money has a crucial role when you are deciding to immigrate to Canada. Yet, let’s have a look at the basic details of Canada PR before delving deeply into the money required for Canadian immigration.

What is a Canada PR?

A Canada PR, Permanent Residency, is a status permitted to a person that allows them to work, study, and live in Canada without any restrictions. Holding a Canada PR enables you to enjoy almost the same rights as a Canadian citizen. Even, you can easily apply for Canadian citizenship with a Canadian PR.

Different Pathways to Canada PR

There are different pathways for you to get a Canada PR.

  1. Express Entry Pathway: Allows skilled and experienced workers from all parts of the world to settle in Canada.
  2. Provincial Nomination Program: Individual Provinces invite skilled workers from worldwide. 
  3. Federal Skilled Trades: It is an immigration program that aims at providing PR to skilled workers in specific job fields.
  4. Quebec Skilled Worker Program: This immigration program aims at providing PR to skilled workers who are willing to settle in Quebec.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Canada PR

Applicants have to meet some eligibility criteria to get a Canada PR. Here are some of them. 

  • The applicant must have at least 67 points in the Canada Points Grid.
  • The applicants must submit a copy of their Birth Certificate as proof of their age.
  • They must bring their Academic Certificates.
  • Work experience certificates are required to prove their skill in the work.
  • They must have arranged employment in Canada.
  • They must submit financial documents to demonstrate that they have enough funds to live in Canada.

Document Requirements 

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Academic Certificates
  • English Proficiency Tests’ Results
  • Police Verification Certificate
  • Medical Test Results
  • Work Experience Certificates
  • Proof of Funds

Canada PR Fees in India- Common Fees

Canada PR fees may vary according to the immigration program of the applicant’s choice. These are the common expenses for almost all the programs. 

Fees Amount in INR
Application Processing Fees 51,332.29
Right of Permanent Residence Fees (RPRF) 31,101.33
Fee for Applicant without RPRF 51,332.29
Education Credential Assessment 13,889.91 to 16,607.51
Indian Police Clearance Certificate Fees 1,207.82 (per person)
Canada PR Biometric Fees 4,529.32
Medical Examinations 5,000-10,000 (per person)
IELTS Begins from 16,250


Proof of Funds Required for Canada PR from India

The total money required for Canada PR from India is dependent on the number of family members immigrating to Canada on a dependent visa. The holder of the primary visa has to show that they have enough funds to take care of their family’s needs in Canada. The amount varies according to the number of family members.

Number of Family Members Funds in CAD Amount in INR
1 13,757 8,30,798.08
2 17,127 10,34,315.52
3 21,055 12,71,531.11
4 25,564 15,43,833.83
5 28,994 17,50,974.74
6 32,700 19,74,783.54
7 36,407 21,98,652.73


Visas to Immigrate to Canada

You need an authorized visa to relocate to Canada. There are various types of visas for migration, and each of them has specific fee structures. Here is the list of different types of visas to immigrate to Canada and their fees.

Visa Fee
Immigrant Visas (without RPRF) CAD 550
Student Visas CAD 150
Working Visas CAD 155

Tips to Control the Cost of Canada PR from India

  • Understand the Costs

Gather detailed information about the cost of applying for a Canada PR. It must include the application fee, academic requirements, funds required, etc. It gives you an idea about the funds you must arrange for Canadian immigration.

  • Plan Early

Plan your Canada journey earlier. It helps you to make necessary arrangements and save money for your Canadian dreams.

  • Budget

Prepare and follow a proper budget. Allocate specific amounts to all your needs. Proper budgeting helps you to save money.

  • Explore the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Research about the various PNP pathways available in Canada. Different provinces may have various Canada PR amounts. Hence, you can apply for Canada PR at a lower cost than usual.

  • Increase Your Savings

Eliminate unwanted and extra expenditures from your day-to-day life. It will result in an increase in your savings. You can use the money for your immigration to Canada.

  • Score Well in English Proficiency Tests

Prepare well and secure good scores in the English proficiency tests on your first attempt. It eliminates another retake of the exams, thus saving both your money and time.

  • Seek Financial Assistance

You can seek for Financial Assistance from counsellors or Financial experts. It may help you to have a proper financial plan that helps you to save more money for your Canada PR.

  • Use Government Resources

Canadian Government provides a lot of free services for both the citizens as well as the Permanent Residents. Use the Government resources and save your money.

Final Thoughts

The number of Indians immigrating to Canada is increasing each year. Though the amount to apply for a Canada PR for a single person is CAD 850, it may vary according to the number of people migrating to Canada. Additionally, supplementary expenditures and fees are there, as a part of the Canada PR program. Thus, the total money required for Canada Immigration may vary based on the number of people and province.

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