Top Universities to Study in The UK

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Top Universities to Study in UK

The UK, being a top study destination for students all over the world, offers a world-class education system, holistic curriculum, research-oriented teaching, the opportunity to network with students from various cultures, extensive job opportunities, and global exposure. Hence, studying in UK not only contributes to the academic growth of students but also enhances their professional and personal development.

 As UK is home to many ancient and esteemed universities in the world, you must have an idea about the top universities in UK in general and in particular. Let’s have a look at the top universities to study in UK

Top Universities in UK: Based on World Rankings

Here is the list of top universities in the UK based on the QS world ranking and Times Higher Education world ranking.

Universities QS World Ranking 2024 Times Higher Education World Ranking 2024
University of Cambridge 2 5
University of Oxford 3 1
Imperial College London 6 8
UCL 9 22
University of Edinburgh 22 30
University of Manchester 32 51
King’s College London 40 38
The London School of Economics and Political Science 45 46
University of Bristol 55 81
University of Warwick 67 106

Top UK Universities for Bachelor’s Degrees

Here are the top universities for bachelor’s degrees in UK.

Universities Popular Bachelor’s Courses
University of Cambridge Computer science, Social science, Law, Political Science etc.
University of Oxford Computing and Engineering, BA in English Language and Literature, etc.
Imperial College London Medicine, Natural Science, Mathematics, engineering, etc.
UCL Architecture, Archaeology, Anthropology, Geography, etc.
University of Edinburgh Arts, Humanities, Social Science, etc.
University of Manchester English Language, History, etc.
King’s College London Humanities, Law, Psychiatry, etc.
LSE Sociology, Economics, International Relations, etc.
University of Bristol Engineering, Medical Science, Arts, etc.

Top Universities in UK for Master’s Degrees

The table below shows the top universities in UK to study for master’s degrees.

Universities Popular Master’s Programmes
University of Oxford MBA, Archaeology, Criminology Criminal justice, etc.
University of Cambridge Medical Science, Finance, Engineering, etc.
Imperial College London Artificial Intelligence, MSc in Computing, etc.
UCL Engineering, Material Science, etc.
University of Edinburgh Advanced Power Engineering, Accounting and Finance, etc.
University of Manchester MBA, Business Analytics, Business Psychology, etc.
King’s College London Cyber Security, Robotics, Engineering, etc.
London School of Economics and Political Science Statistics, Public Administration, etc.

Now, let’s have a look at the top universities in the UK for some popular courses of study.

Top UK Universities for Business and Economics

Here is the list of top universities in the UK for Business and Economics.

Universities Times Higher Education World Ranking for Business Universities
University of Oxford 5
University of Cambridge 5
London School of Economics and Political Science 11
UCL 23
University of Warwick 26
University of Manchester 31
University of Edinburgh 56
King’s College London 64
University of Nottingham 75
University of Reading 79


Top UK Universities for Arts and Humanities

Find the top UK universities for Arts and Humanities in the table below.

Universities Times Higher Education World Ranking of Arts and Humanities
University of Cambridge 3
University of Oxford 4
University of Edinburgh 12
King’s College London 20
LSE 35
Durham University 39
Lancaster University 43
University of St. Andrews 45
University of Manchester 49

Top UK Universities to Study Computer Science 

Being an area of study with immense scope in the future, here are some top universities to pursue computer science.

Universities Times Higher Education Ranking on Computer Science
University of Oxford 1
University of Cambridge 7
Imperial College London 8
University of Edinburgh 26
UCL 28
University of Manchester 82
King’s College London 96
Queen Mary University of London 99

Top UK Universities for Medical Degrees

Medical professionals are in high demand all over the world, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is the list of some best universities in UK for medical degrees.

Universities Global Rank on Medical Degrees
University of Oxford 1
University of Cambridge 2
Imperial College London 4
King’s College London 10
University of Edinburgh 21
University of Glasgow 49
University of Manchester 50
University of Bristol 54
University of Birmingham 66


Top Budget-Friendly Universities in UK

Budget can be a major challenge for many international students to study abroad. But, you can find some budget-friendly universities to study in UK. Here are some of them.

Universities Popular Courses Tuition Fees
University of Bolton Nursing, Psychology, Accountancy, Animation Illustration, etc. £9,250- £12,500
Coventry University Accounting, Finance, Economics, MBA, etc. £9,250-£22,550
University of Cumbria Business Administration, Accountancy, Finance, etc. £10,000-£13,250
Staffordshire University Natural Science, Medical Science, Architecture, Art, etc. £12,000-£14,500
University of Bedfordshire Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Psychology, etc. £12,900-£13,275
University of Chester Mathematics, Genetics, Accounting, Applied Science, etc. £12,950
Teesside University Bioscience, Animal Science, Business and Management, etc. £13,000
University of the West of Scotland Physics, Social Science, Psychology, etc. £13,325-£16,400
Leeds Beckett University Architecture, Engineering, Arts, etc. £14,000-£15,000

Final Thoughts

The United Kingdom is a hub of many ancient and great universities in the world. Based on the Times Higher Education ranking of universities, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, UCL, etc are the top-ranked universities in the UK. All these universities are top even in the subject-wise ranking of universities. Moreover, you can find more UK universities that provide world-class education facilities to international students. So, studying in the UK will be a rewarding experience for aspiring students.

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