Top Undergraduate Courses in the US

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Top Undergraduate Courses in the US


Why study in the USA?

 The USA is the hottest destination for students who are looking for the best overseas education experience and are planning to put their careers on the fast track. This is because it has an immense range of specialties, high quality of education and great opportunities.

 The USA has about 5000 universities. Each and every educational institution gives ample opportunity for Research, Teaching and Training. You may be able to gain valuable experience through teaching and/or research while you help to finance your education in the U.S., particularly if you are a graduate student.

 Many graduate programs offer training and teaching opportunities that enable students to become teaching assistants to undergraduates and/or research assistants on special projects exploring different aspects of your field of study.

 It also supports International Students as studying in the United States is a rewarding experience but navigating your way through day-to-day issues can be a challenge. Many international students find that the college and university international student office is a great resource when it comes to adapting to a culturally and academically different environment.

 America boasts of an unparalleled and broad based education system. Students will not only learn about their own particular subject but learn lots of other things, not necessarily related to their major. Attainment of an American degree from the USA holds the key to a successful career. It internationales and strengthens your job bio-data, as the US degrees are renowned around the world for their academic excellence and better learning experiences. 

 This blog highlights some of the top undergraduate courses in the USA. Read on!

Top Undergraduate Courses in the USA


One of the most sought after technical degrees in the world, engineering in the USA promises a variety of program options at an undergraduate level like electrical engineering, chemical engineering, sound engineering, mechanical engineering etc.

After completing their bachelors in engineering, students often go for their masters program followed by a PhD.

Common engineering specializations are:

  •   Civil Engineering
  •   Electrical Engineering
  •   Electronics Engineering
  •   Industrial Engineering
  •   Mechanical Engineering
  •   Nuclear Engineering
  •   Data Sciences
  •   Robotics

Top Colleges Offering Bachelors in engineering

  •   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  •   Stanford University
  •   Carnegie Mellon University.
  •   University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
  •   University of California (Berkeley)


 Business Administration

The USA is the most preferred study destination when it comes to pursuing Bachelors in Business Administration. A degree in business administration holds a lot of value in the global market. With a plethora of specializations in this particular program, a degree will definitely boost your biodata and make you standout amongst other candidates.

Common Specializations:

  •   Business Management
  •   Marketing
  •   Finance Leadership
  •   Accounting
  •   International Business

Top 5 colleges for Undergraduate Business Administration:

  •   Yale University
  •   Harvard University
  •   Stanford University
  •   University of Pennsylvania
  •   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

 Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences provide you with skills for a broad range of professional fields.

Students prefer this program owing to its high demand in the global market. The specializations offered by a bachelor’s degree involve business, communication, education, law, medicine, politics, and psychology, among others.

Common Specializations for Social Sciences

  •       Media, Culture, and Communication
  •       Political Science
  •       Psychology
  •       Sociology
  •       Environment

Common Specializations for Humanities

  •       Media, Culture, and Communication
  •       Anthropology
  •       Criminology
  •       Economics
  •       Geography
  •       History
  •       Legal Studies
  •       Political Science
  •       Social Work
  •       Sociology

Top 5 colleges for Humanities and Social Sciences

  •       Yale University
  •       Harvard University
  •       Brown University
  •       Stanford University
  •       Vanderbilt University

Health Professions

The popularity of Health related majors are growing rapidly due to the reliance of people on the healthcare and wellness industry. Each and every healthcare program has been designed to deliver quality healthcare education and training to the prospects.

Common Specializations:

  •   Health Sciences
  •   Health Services
  •   Healthcare Administration
  •   Healthcare Management
  •   Medicine
  •   Nursing
  •   Nutritional Science
  •   Public Health
  •   Sports Medicine

Top 5 colleges for Health Professions

  •   Harvard University
  •   Duke University
  •   Columbia University
  •   Stanford University
  •   Johns Hopkins University



Psychology is one of the most popular bachelor degrees in the world. The USA offers the best Undergraduate specialisations in Psychology with a diverse range of job opportunities. Core curriculum classes in Psychology include psychological statistics, social psychology and developmental psychology.

 Common Specializations:

  •       Child Counselor
  •       Victim Advocate
  •       Psychologist
  •       Counseling
  •       Research Assistants
  •       Medical Counselor

 Top 5 colleges for Psychology

  •       Stanford University
  •       Yale University
  •       Harvard University                       
  •       University Of Pennsylvania
  •       University Of Michigan


Journalism and Communication

 A degree in Journalism and Communication is one of the most popular degree options in the US. A career in this field demands great communication skills and deep knowledge.

The degree program in journalism and communication offers media focused courses and arts education.

 Common Specializations:

  •   Writers
  •   Editors
  •   Reporters
  •   Production Specialists
  •   Public Relations Professionals
  •   Editors

 Top 5 colleges for Journalism and Communication

  •   Northwestern University
  •   University of Southern California
  •   University of Florida
  •   Stanford University
  •   University of Georgia


 Computer & Information Sciences

 Computer & Information Sciences is an incredible part of people’s lives. A bachelor degree in CIS strengthens your knowledge of how computer systems function and polish your programming, graphics and visualization skills.

The CIS undergrad courses are designed with an aim to equip students with skills that are highly demanded by the job industry.

Common Specializations:

  •   Artificial Intelligence
  •   Computer-Human Interface
  •   Game Design
  •   Networks
  •   Computer Graphics
  •   Information Security
  •   Data Science
  •   Programming Languages


Top 5 colleges for Computer & Information Sciences

  •   Stanford University
  •   Carnegie Mellon University
  •   Princeton University
  •   Harvard University
  •   New York University


A bachelor in education teaches undergraduates how to manage classrooms, design class curriculum etc.

 Common Specializations:

  •   Childhood Development
  •   Educational Leadership
  •   Higher Education
  •   Special Education
  •   Teaching

Top 5 colleges for Education

  •   Early Childhood Education
  •   Elementary Education
  •   Health Education
  •   Math Education
  •   Music Education
  •   Physical Education
  •   Secondary Education
  •   Special Education


Other Undergraduate Courses

  •   Visual and Performing Arts
  •   Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  •   Medicine and Life sciences
  •   Mathematics
  •   Art and culture
  •   Law
  •   Hospitality & Tourism



  •   AEF Scholarship
  •   Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship
  •   American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship
  •   Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund
  •   Chicago Booth School of Business
  •   Cornell University Tata Scholarship
  •   Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship
  •   Gunvant and Bharati Parekh College Scholarship Award
  •   Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship


 Other Top US Universities

 o   University Of New Haven

o   University of Cincinnati

o   Northern Arizona University

o   Governors State University

o   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

o   Wichita State University

o   University of Central Oklahoma

o   Western Illinois University

o   Eastern Michigan University

o   Indiana Tech University

o   Gannon University

o   Kennesaw state university

o   University of Colorado Denve

o   Missouri state university

o   University of Michigan Flint

o   Kent State University

o   Duquesne University

o   Southeast Missouri State University

o   Purdue University NorthWest

o   Depaul university

o   California State University, Northridge

o   Pittsburg State University

o   New Jersey Institute of Technology

o   California State University, Sacramanto

o   University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

o   Sacred Heart University

o   Western New England University

o   Grand Valley State University

o   Indiana institute of technology

o   Wilmington University

o   Franklin University

o   Academy of Art University

o   University of West Florida

o   National University

o   Clark University

o   University of Findlay


Admission Requirements for US under Graduate Programs:

  •   IELTS/TOEFL scores
  •   ACT/SAT scores
  •   Must have completed 10+2 or 16 years of formal education
  •   Acceptance letter from SEVP approved institution
  •   LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
  •   Proof of funds
  •   SOP (statement of purpose)
  •   Valid Passport


The US study visa:

  •    F1 Visa: This visa is preferred if the student plans to study at a recognized college/university in the US, or if he/she plans to study English at an institute in the US.
  •   J Exchange Visa: If the candidate wishes to participate in an academic exchange program including high school or university study
  •   M Student Visa: This type of visa suits students looking for non-academic or vocational study (training) in the US


Q. What is the duration of an undergraduate course in the US?

A. A full fledged Bachelors is of 4 years duration. Although there are some community colleges which offer 2 years course duration.

Q. What are the famous undergraduate courses in the USA?

A. Engineering, Management, Social Sciences, Health Professional etc.

Q. What exams are required to study 12th in the USA?


Q. Can a student pursue further education after 12th?

A. After their 12th, a student can go for post graduation immediately.



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  • Visa Slot Booking

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