Top Tips To Crack Sentence Correction Questions In GMAT

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1. Start With The Basics But Not The ‘THE’ Basics:

According to official GMAT website “Sentence correction questions test your English language proficiency and ability to express an idea clearly, concisely, and grammatically correct.” Saying so sentence correction is all about grammar so one has to be good with the basics but don’t ponder a lot on basics.

2 . Don’t Try To Become An English Professor:

Yes you have to master so many complex grammatical rules like modifiers etc. but doesn’t mean you have to master each and every grammatical English language.

3. Complex Terminology:

One will come across so many complex terms like modal verbs, infinitives, gerunds etc. but one has to remember that it’s just not leaning the definition that gives you the score rather practicing the correct contextual usage of these terms that actually helps you do so.

4. Passive Learning And Intuition:

You often see few students without even being aware of the complex grammatical concepts still get most of the questions correct saying that they intuitively felt so. It’s just not intuition that is helping them it’s also their passive learning. You need not to start learning grammar only from a grammar books but every time you get exposed to good literature your mind passively analyses the writing styles.

5. Series Of Items In A Question:

Most of the times if you have a series of items in the question it’s likely to have a parallelism mistake. E.g. New theories propose that catastrophic impacts of asteroids and comets may have caused reversals in the Earth’s magnetic field, the onset of ice ages, splitting apart continents 80 million years ago, and great volcanic eruptions.

6. Timing Is Important:

From day one most of my students are more curious about grammar than Critical reasoning and Reading comprehension. That curiosity is obvious considering the fact that they have to lean so many new grammatical rules, which is quite challenging as well. Saying so I see most of the student spend a lot of time solving Sentence correction question but it not good do the same in the exam because it’s not just the correct answer that matters it’s also about how quickly you get in other words Sentence correction questions are the ones which can done quickly in the verbal section.


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