Top Reasons to Learn the French Language

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French is a global Language with over 300 million French speakers on the five continents. The international organization of French-speaking countries consists of 88 member states and governments. French is considering being the second most widely chosen foreign language after English. The French language is the fifth most widely spoken language globally. It is the only language that is taught in almost every country of the planet alongside English. Moreover, France has the biggest international network of cultural institutes that has a different level of French language courses for close on a million learners.

Employment Options

The ability to speak the French language along with English is an added advantage in the international employment market. The French language opens many doors of France companies and other French-speaking parts globally.

Education Options

The French language opens up fabulous opportunities for students to study at renowned French universities and business schools that are ranked among the top-rated higher education universities in E.U and the world.

Great Fun to Learn

French is considered as the easiest language to learn. There are numerous techniques available that make learning the French pleasant for youngsters and grown-ups the same.

Cultural Language

French is the cultural language with fashion, cooking, visual arts, theater, dance, and architecture. The French language offers access to a great job of literature in the original French language and as well as movies and songs.

Business Options

There is a range of small-scale businesses to large-scale business opportunities. The French republic hosts 39 of the biggest Fortune 500 companies in the world. France is rank at the 6th largest exporter and 4th largest importer of manufactured goods in the world.

Travel Options

The French capital region has mega foreign visits of over 30 million in a year, in fact, more than any other city in the world. France’s language attracts travelers with its familiar culture, restaurants, supermarkets, and well-known bistros. To experience all the pretty stuff you should be capable enough to communicate.

Global Impact

French is considered as the most straightforward language for English speakers to learn. The punctuation and the sentence structure are not the same as English, however less difficult. Since the two dialects have Latin roots connections, they additionally share numerous of cognate words that sound the equivalent and have similar implications.

Bilingualism Option

As per the latest research, researchers believe that bilingualism makes you more you more intelligent and helps to keep your memory sharp. Learning French will build up your mental aptitude, boosting your IQ, improves your focus, and upgrade critical thinking stability. Additionally, it expands your proficiency in organizing tasks and improving your capacity to attempt performing various tasks, and improving your discernment and basic leadership usefulness.

French is the formal language of France and it is also found in Monaco, Luxembourg, parts of Belgium and Switzerland, and also in the Canada province of the Quebec, parts of North and Central Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Madagascar, and the French territories. It can still be found in the communities of French origin in the United States of America, in Maine and, Louisiana.

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