Top 6 Writing Tips To Score 8+ In IELTS And 4+ In AWA

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Whether it is GREGMATTOEFL or IELTS, one section that terrifies all students is writing. Like everything else, this is not impossible and all it needs is some structuring and direction. Bear in mind that everyone who can talk can also write. All you have to do in writing is give your work some polishing and make the reader read between the lines. Here are some tips on how to write a good Essay and score 4+ in AWA and 8 in IELTS

1. Structure your Essay: Have an introduction to your writing, a body and a conclusion. Don’t forget to divide your essay into paragraphs.

2. Set a context. Don’t jump right into the topic. Begin with giving the reader an idea of why the issue in question is being discussed, what is the current scenario and how it modified itself over time. You may also start with a relevant anecdote or a quote by famous writers or poets.

3. Decide the type of Essay you are going to write. Check whether you need to write a thematic or an argumentative essay. There are standard formats of writing these, although, you are free to explore any style of writing and need not stick to what google says. More tips on how to write these essays would be discussed in future posts.

4. Present more than one idea. Avoid repetition. Think about various aspects associated directly and indirectly with the topic. Don’t repeat your sentences multiple times in different structures. Present new ideas and put them in separate paragraphs.

5. Be grammatically correct. Seriously guys, there is no choice here. You needn’t learn words from the dictionary that you never use in real life. But pay attention to your tenses and active/passive voices.

6. Conclude with a bottom line. State your conclusion explicitly. If you took a stance in an argumentative essay, state it clearly with a sentence describing the supporting evidence. Don’t end abruptly. End with a clear and precise note.


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