Top 14 Tips For PTE Speaking

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1) For Read aloud, be careful with phrasing and intonations as they convey overall meaning.

2) During the preparation time, check for any difficult words and rehearse them.

3) Don’t rush. Maintain a normal speed.

4) For repeat sentence, try to focus on the meaning of the sentence.

5) Make the usage of punctuation marks, as they will help to know where to stress in the sentence and to take pauses.

6) In Describe image, use words and phrases such as – increase, decrease, rise, fall, remain stable/steady etc.

7) Don’t try to describe everything in detail, as you will not be having that much time. So, look for the pair of extreme values such as – the highest and lowest, the largest and smallest and so on.

8) In Re-tell lecture, if there is a picture – try to anticipate what can be the topic.

9) Do not try to take notes ‘word-for-word’ as you may miss any vital information if you write too much.

10) Try to understand what you hear, as you have to retell the lecture including the key points. Try not to repeat the exact information.

12) For Answer Shot Questions, do not try to speak too quickly, as there will be plenty of time. If you commit a mistake, correct it.

13) Remember, if you do not speak for 3 seconds, the microphone will close automatically.

14) Do not try to speak before the microphone opens, as your answer will not be recorded.


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