Top 12 Tips For Cracking Writing In PTE

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Pearson Test of English (PTE) is totally a computer-based test and even the marking is done by the computer. This test is designed in such a way – to assess the candidate’s English abilities who are planning to study or work abroad. 

  1.  Skim the entire text in the passage to understand the general content.

  2. Do the scanning, for the keywords and phrases. Particularly look for the words and phrases that are repeated in the passage.

  3. As there will be multiple paragraphs with introduction, body text and conclusion – mainly focus on the introduction and conclusion.

  4. Find out the topic sentence in each paragraph which expresses the main idea.

  5. Make sure, the summary to a maximum of 30 words. If it is less or more try to adjust it.

    Essay Writing Tips To Crack Writing In PTE

  6. The golden rule to follow is to read the question very carefully and understand what type of essay it is.

  7. Spend 5 minutes for the planning (Mind Map) on the Erasable Note board Booklet.

  8. The essay should have an introduction, body paragraph – 1 and body paragraph – 2 and a conclusion.

  9. Paraphrase the question (Background statement) and write a Thesis statement (This is where your ideas will start)- that makes your introduction.

  10. Every paragraph should have one controlling idea and sentences to support it.

  11. Make sure the essay is between 200 to 300 words. If not adjust it.

  12. Check the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

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