Top 10 Tips To Get Good Score In PTE

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Top 10 Tips To Get Good Score In PTE

1. Fluency is your first priority in speaking module. Avoid taking long pauses while responding to the question. Also, do not re-correct if you have said anything wrong.

2. Focus on your intonation. Be natural while speaking and pay attention to where and when to stress on a particular sentence. You are a human, not a robot.

3. Open your mouth properly while speaking. The computer only understands the sounds of the English language and not your voice. Whispering your response while the computer records will result in losing scores.

4. For writing summary, practice using complex and compound sentences. Your response must be expressed within one sentence, so you have to use a complex or compound sentence to summarize the main point of the passage.

5. Plan your essay before you start writing. Understand the topic and spend around 2 minutes to generate ideas. This is important because you will lose score if your essay goes off-topic.

6. Be careful with typos. Since PTE – A is a computer-based test, any typographic error will be taken as a spelling error by the computer.

7. In the reading module, time management is very crucial. Do not spend more than 2 minutes on one question.

8. Read the question before you read the passage. This will help you to know what information you are looking for and also save your time.

9. Familiarize yourself with the native English accent for the listening module. You can answer a question only when you understand what is mentioned in the audio.

10. Practice note-taking. All the recordings in the listening module will be played once only. You cannot memorize the entire audio. So notes will help you to answer the questions. 

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