Top 10 tips to ACE the analytical writing assessment in GRE

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Top 10 tips to ACE the analytical writing assessment in GRE:

    The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardized test that is taken by prospective applicants from around the world who are interested in pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree.  This test is an admission requirement for thousands of graduate, business, and law schools across many countries including the United States and Canada.

The GRE test has been introduced to check the academic awareness of a candidate. It tests his verbal reasoning, quantitative skills, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills. This test also helps universities foresee a qualified applicant and select him for their respective program.

        The GRE Analytical Writing Assessment comprises two sections: the Issue Essay and the Argument Essay. You will be given 30 minutes for each essay in both the sections. Both the essays will test your ability to agree or disagree, support and evaluate a given situation from a rational point of view.

Here is a list of the top 10 tips to master the Analytical Writing Assessment in GRE

  1.   Understand the topic types

Although the topics of Analytical Writing Assessment are totally random, there are a few patterns for GRE prompts such as:

  •       Education
  •       Cities
  •       Arts
  •       Technology
  •       Intellectual Endeavours
  •       Government and Power
  •       Philosophy
  1.   Read the directions thoroughly

Read the directions carefully and understand their purpose before starting to write your essay.

  1.   Create a writing plan

You get only 30 minutes to write your essay. To make the best of the thirty minutes, take a few minutes in creating a writing plan for your essay. Make a quick draft of your thoughts and arrange them according to their sequence. First, write an introduction of the essay followed by the body and finally the conclusion.

  1.   Write generously

A crucial tool to crack the GRE is to write a thorough essay. Writing generously is as important as writing substantially. Make sure your essay highlights an excellent usage of vocabulary. Remember, to maintain the quality of your essay.  The longer the composition the higher is the chance of getting a good score.

  1.   Provide examples

Give specific examples to maintain clarity in your answers. An essay backed by examples will make an excellent essay.  The absence of examples can make your answer seem false. Draw relevant examples from actual events, make sure it doesn’t take up most of the text.

  1.   Write pro or con statements

The issue essay requires you to take it aside. You will be given a statement asking you to write your opinions either in favor of or against it. Hence, pick the side you can mostly support. It does not matter what you actually think about it in real life. The examiners will only check how ardently you provide logical statements in support of your answer.

  1. Highlight Rigorous thinking

The point of the essay is to assess your thoughtful engagement with the topic. The examiners want to see your rigorous thinking and not rigorous research. Therefore, dedicate a few paragraphs to arguments dissection, pointing assumptions, offering contrary evidence, well-argued answers, and rhetorical logic.

  1.   Adhere to the time constraints

Both sections of AWA have a time limit of 30 minutes each.  It is advised to segregate those thirty minutes in prompt reading the essay, outlining and writing a thesis statement, creating a body of the essay, and editing.

  1.   Read

It is important to make a habit of reading. Read everything from history and facts to politics and current affairs. Analyze what you have read and tried writing your opinion about it. This will help you in improving your command of English and also boost comprehension solving skills.

  1.       Practice

You have to pen down an essay in 30 minutes in its logical context. Practice writing essays within 30 minutes. Practicing will give you an edge on test day. Also, Increase your typing speed, this will directly be proportional to the words you write in your essay.

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