Top 10 reasons why students choose USA for Higher Studies

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Top 10 reasons why students choose USA for Higher Studies

Currently, more than 1 million Indian students are studying in 85 countries outside India. At least 207,000 international Indian students were recorded to be present in the United States in 2020. This may be a result of better education and immigration policies provided by the governments in the US.

India is the second largest source of international students for the US. It is a study destination that attracts lakhs of students to its educational institutions every year, owing to its world class universities, well ranked student facilities, a mushrooming job market and a diverse population. 


 The United States of America (USA) commonly referred to as the United States (US) or America, is a federal republic consisting of 50 states and a federal district. It is the 3rd largest country in the world both by size and population. The official language is English and is spoken by 80% of the people.

The USA is the hottest destination for students who are looking for the best overseas education experience and are planning to put their careers on the fast track. This is because it has an immense range of specialties, high quality of education and great opportunities.

The USA has about 5000 universities. Each and every educational institution gives ample opportunity for Research, Teaching and Training. You may be able to gain valuable experience through teaching and/or research while you help to finance your education in the U.S., particularly if you are a graduate student.

Many graduate programs offer training and teaching opportunities that enable students to become teaching assistants to undergraduates and/or research assistants on special projects exploring different aspects of your field of study.

It also supports International Students as studying in the United States is a rewarding experience but navigating your way through day-to-day issues can be a challenge. Many international students find that the college and university international student office is a great resource when it comes to adapting to a culturally and academically different environment.

America boasts of an unparalleled and broad based education system. Students will not only learn about their own particular subject but learn lots of other things, not necessarily related to their major. Attainment of an American degree from the USA holds the key to a successful career. It internationalizes and strengthens your job bio-data, as the US degrees are renowned around the world for their academic excellence and better learning experiences.

With more than a million international students, the US is the world’s most popular destination among students for overseas education. Here are the top 10 reasons why students choose the USA for their Higher Education. Read on!  

1. Higher Academic Reputation

The United States is home to approximately half of the best global universities. From undergraduate programs to a doctorate level degree, universities in the US offer great academic opportunities to students across all disciplines. The country gives you the option to choose from its 5000 higher education institutions. Every university is unique and offers highly acclaimed academics to international friendly campuses.

The American higher education system offers a wide range of options to international students to choose from

They have excellent programs in all disciplines that they offer. The degree awarded by the US universities is acclaimed in the global professional industry. The qualifications from the universities are recognized worldwide for its academic excellence

In a nutshell, the US offers unparalleled benefits for international students with its wide variety of cultures, university choices, degree options and lifestyles. 

2. Ample Research and Training Opportunities

The  US universities offer research and training opportunities to international students starting from the graduate level. Assistantship is another way to work and learn simultaneously. Students can fund their studies by assisting professors. It also helps them in broadening their knowledge and skill set.

If you are lucky enough, you might as well get a chance to work with a leading scholar in your chosen field.

The US educational system also promises a mix of education and practical experience to students. International students can take benefits from different academic training programs like OPT and CPT.

a) OPT or Optional Practical Training Allows international students with an F-1 visa to work up to 12 months during or after the study duration. STEM degree holders can get another 12 months and work up to 24 months.

b) CPT or Curricular Practical Training is just like OPT but it has to be completed before your graduation.

Both these programs allow you to step into the job market and connect with potential employers. 

3. Academic Flexibility

The US universities boast of an overall flexible academic system. The students get opportunities to explore their interests and other academic disciplines.

Many undergraduate students agree that one of the best benefits of studying in the US is academic flexibility. Students have the choice of exploring different subjects before they choose a major.

He is not required to declare a major until the end of their second year of study. He is free to study different fields of his choice and then take a major that resonates with him the most.

While colleges in India require students to typically mention their field of study when they apply, the US universities, offering this flexible option, opens doors for many possibilities for international students.

4. Low Student Faculty Ratio

Another prominent factor which attracts students to the US Educational Institutions is the low student to faculty ratio.

 A low student-faculty ratio offers room for both students and teachers to connect and express their views and perspectives in an amicable manner.  

When professors and students share a close academic relationship, an atmosphere of open exchange of views persists.

Such a close mentor student relationship helps you to demonstrate your ideas thereby,helping you grow academically. Mentors are open to discussions and offer valuable career advice and employment advice.

Moreover, the US offers a great feature of Transfer Admission. This allows students to easily transfer their credits from one university to another. 

5. Highly Acclaimed Educational Institutions

 The USA houses some of the best universities in the world- Harvard, Yale, Columbia etc. 56 US universities alone have been named in the list of 100 best universities.

The US educational institutions are coveted because they add value to your lives on a personal and professional level.

A degree earned from any US college or university gives students an edge over other students across the globe. The US university departments are well funded and classrooms optimized with state of the art facilities. Therefore, this strengthens your world class resources experience and provides you with more than just theoretical knowledge.

Get in touch with our advisors. So far, Texas Review has helped over 4200 students reach their study destination. Our advisors will assist you in understanding the application and admission process.

6. Networking

Studying in the US is no doubt expensive but it offers worthy opportunities. Networking and building strong connections are the best ways for an international student to enter the US job market. A recent study conducted by an educational agency revealed that US universities rank the highest in producing the most employable graduate students.

The US universities host job fairs, workshops, career counseling sessions, networking events to boost students’ career opportunities. Academic mentors also give you valuable career advice which goes a long way in bolstering your employment prospects.

All the opportunities provided by the US study system paves your way to a great future if you can grab hold of it.

7. Better Job Opportunities

Studying abroad will help you to have a better understanding of how organizations operate internationally. While looking out for employment opportunities you will be demonstrated to your employers as a culturally experienced candidate with expertise in adaptability, skill development, learning experience and intelligence.

International education can enhance the quality of your learning, providing a wider spectrum of opinions and expertise. It will open up more opportunities for you in your own country and the rest of the world. This will boost your self confidence and bring self development in you. It will catapult you to a world of unlimited employment opportunities with desirable returns.

 8. Support for International Students

The US takes pride in its diverse culture and it is widely advertised by all the US universities. The acceptance of people from different races, ethnicity and culture create a productive environment for the students. This motivates the students to get engaged in the campus life and do productive study.

Every university campus has an international student service office that addresses concerns of the international student community. This helps a student overcome the cultural shock. The uni also provides financial grants to international students in the form of scholarships, grants and tuition fee waivers.

9. Connecting with Cultures

Staying in a foreign country will expose you to a diversity of cultures from around the world. The university you choose for your study will also have a community of other students from across the globe. This gives you a chance to build connections and invaluable relationships with them. 

Furthermore, some connections can even lead to career opportunities, job offers and business partners. If you have a broad network you are more likely to be connected to exciting career and social opportunities.

10. Assistance to International Students

The US education system provides you with the opportunity of working on campus, getting internships with businesses off campus and holding research and training positions as graduate students.

Additionally, you might also be offered specialized courses to help international students like you to get used to American college life and learn more about the new culture. These programs will expose you to American traditions, cuisine and take field trips, attend sporting events. 

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