Top 10 Habits And Tips For IELTS To Get 8 Band In 30 Days

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Do you want to get 8 Band in IELTS? These are the list of habits to develop as a part of the preparation and are the important Tips for IELTS, In 30 Days to get 8 band. 

Preparation Tips For IELTS To Get 8 Band In 30 Days 


  • Many of the aspirants have spent about 18 years of education in the English medium of instruction. Yet they are not confident about their proficiency in English which is crucial for more than 8 band. It’s true your proficiency might have deteriorated but, you can hearken back the language proficiency with extensive usage of language. So, make it a habit for this 30days and this is one of the important tips for IELTS to get 8 band.

For Listening 

  • It is really clear that prediction is essential but it is not easy. Your ability to predict the answer depends on your ability to identify the right keywords. This ability comes only from practice and analyzing your mistakes. Make a habit of checking your incorrect responses.

What to write and what not to write 

  • Use shorthand notation to write the essential information that would enable you to find the answer based on the clues in the question itself. 


  • Watching and observing native English speakers in movies, interviews, and news channels help us to get familiarized with their slang which can be useful for both Listening and Speaking.

Reading for fluency 

  • Fluency is your ability to frame the right sentences that correspond to the ideas flowing in the mind spontaneously. We have seen many people who read a lot of fiction are really fluent because, they are able to generate the images, settings, characters, and events that are described in the fiction. Obviously, these people will be more capable of framing accurate sentences corresponding to their thought process spontaneously. 


  • Vocabulary is essential in a quality speech and for solving reading passage questions with greater efficiency and for developing an impressive and persuasive essay. For good vocabulary, we recommend the usage of a good reading resource like “The Hindu” newspaper or other non-fiction books like Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein or The third wave. A good Vocabulary builder like “Word Power made easy” would be helpful.

Learn in phases 

  • If you are a beginner, start with something that is easy and slowly improve the difficulty of the exercises mentioned above. For example, in fiction reading, start with books like Alice in wonderland, Around the world in eighty days or Treasure island and proceed to books like The Da Vinci Code, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. And for Listening, start with animation movies and slowly proceed to other language intensive movies and TV series.


  • IELTS is a very lengthy exam whose duration is about 2 hrs 40 min on one sitting (this time excludes speaking module). So you need to have the patience and perseverance needed for this time. So practice full-length tests once all four modules are covered in the course. 

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