Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad in 2020

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To study abroad is an amazing and enriching bliss that most students dream. And also it will be one of the important decisions you make.

Now, if you decide to do so, identifying the right country will be the most crucial part of the game. Your next move is to find an academic program that puts you on track of your education. In addition, you should list up your future activities to learn new skills, gather knowledge and experience.

Subsequently, you gain prospects and opportunities with a clear vision of your future career and the world too.

Isn’t it exciting? Yes!

In this blog, we have come up with information about the top 10 countries to study abroad in the year 2020.

The list we present is based on many researched aspects. It includes the popularity and the offering opportunities too.

Let’s go!


Spain stands first among our list. This is a consistent contender with its best offers and became a reliable study abroad destination. It always has something for everybody. This might be the reason why many international students land here for their higher studies and to seek internship opportunities.

Along with the geographical diversity, lively and vibrant places like Barcelona, Seville and many other Spanish urban hubs are relatively more affordable if you compare them to other European countries.

You can explore new cultures along with the ancient European cultures and architecture that lived past hundreds of years. There are programs available to study science, art, business, politics, etc. with high-quality facilities that make your living and dream come true.

Besides, there is a lot to explore Spain’s beauty. You will blend with the charming old-world and its richness when you meet churches and museums of beautiful Spain.

You will learn a new lifestyle and traditions and start enjoying more in its festivals and exciting nightlife.

Apart from your coursework, there is a world to explore!


Rising in rankings, for the past few years, Germany stands top in the list. BMW, Adidas and Bosch are some streaming international brands that bloomed out of German powerhouse of Berlin. And also, it is a home for many business centers.

Germany is equipped with world-class educational centers. Any international student looking forward to studying STEM either course program or a professional internship is suggested to prefer Germany.

Great artists, scientists and philosophers like Goethe, Heisenberg and Beethoven are Germans who are still remembered.

It is a leading economic power and a powerhouse of innovation. Therefore it is one of the most reputed places in the world if you wish to pursue business administration or sciences. Besides, it also offers impressive courses in humanities.

Europe is reputed for its world-famous museums and castles. The central part of Germany is the heart of European intellectual history and it has earned its page in world history.

Students have a great scope to explore and research its past and future and on the other hand, enjoy the nature and scenic beauty of the Black Forest.


Not from recent times, it’s been decades that Japan occupies its place on the top of the list as one of the best destinations for abroad education.

Hence, it is always a wise choice of students who wish to study overseas. Japan has a fascinating history of thousands of years.

In addition, Japan stands on the frontline of scientific innovations and modernization of technology. Every student benefits a lot from its never-ending culture, tradition and the great philosophy of Japan apart from its world-class education system.

About the People:

Japanese people are so warm and they feel happy to introduce their cultural balance and harmony between ancient history and modern times.

Such things create a friendly living environment. Also, food, transport and other services are the best of their quality.

Do not forget, Japan also owns the culinary art. The culinary skills of Japanese people are amazing and you can learn them too. All the above things along with the historical museums of Hiroshima make Japan an outstanding and unique part of the world.


Italy is the place for fashion, delicious cuisines, hospitality along with a rich European culture. All these reasons along with the quality education in Italian universities made it the most chosen abroad education hub for many students all over the world.

Accordingly, Italy has a great history and it is the homeland for some of the oldest universities ever. Italy is a lot concerned about its educational system mostly focusing on research offering opportunities to work on a business, fashion, agriculture system and historical treasures, etc. Students will have access to the works of art, science and architecture.

Moreover, walking on the land of Italy, you can visualize a great history at every turn from the ruins of the ancient Greek and Roman arts.

You might wish to take up learning languages or start exploring earth science, Italy welcomes you.


Obviously, it is well known all over the world that France has a superfluity of study programs. And, consequently, it is one of the top study abroad destinations. International students belonging to any academic stream could make France as his/her academic homeland.

You can choose any coursework you desire such as sciences (biology), music and business-administration in any one of many renowned university towns of France.

Some Facts about France:

In fact, it is an amazing fact that you will be enveloped in the historical cities like Lyon, the well-known Paris, Tours and Aix-en-Provence. In addition, you will find a chance to explore the culture and living style of the country walking through its paths, museums and churches.

There are a handful of things in French society like fashion, food, classical arts and even knowledge.

It is certain, French dining and cuisines are world famous and it plays a prominent role while defining the richness of French society. You will be excited to sample the cheese, wine and French croissants.

It should also be noted, travelers also love France as it shares its border with 6 countries around.


Are you adventurous? Then, you deserve a vast land of beautiful landscapes with typical wildlife. Australia has a treasure of rare biological species and eye-catching geological features. Of course, this makes it a good place to live. 

But, Australia is also one of the few world-famous study abroad countries for international students. However, Australia is mostly concerned with Biological sciences and conservation studies. And, they become the primary choice of the students who wish to pursue education here.

Especially, students get a great opportunity to meet koalas and explore the Great Barrier Reef (the largest coral reef on the planet)

If veterinary biology or environmental sciences bothers you, you have got to step up to the Australian Universities.

Also, there is a presence of cultural diversity in Australian cities more than anywhere else in the world.

Academic universities belonging to the cities of Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth offer a variety of courses such as history, English, communications and mathematics.

Remember, the world-famous Sydney Opera House, the best place to learn music technology.

With all the above, Australia has a strong emphasis on sports and physical education and there are courses for many physical activities.

Read more: Complete guide to study in Australia


In recent times, Ireland with its unique course combination offers such as history, entertainment and adventure have reached the top list of best study abroad countries.

Evidently, a distinctive tradition and culture of Emerald Isle will introduce you to the Viking fossils, castles and the Gaelic language.

Undoubtedly, astonishing natural views like Ring of Kerry and Giant’s Causeway make you filled with the breath there. You will find Ireland’s natural beauty and how intensely the artists and writers are inspired and it will inspire you as well.

Besides, it is the birthplace of great authors like William Butler and Eavan Boland whose art was etched with its natural wealth.

Note, currently Ireland is the hub of international research and got renowned regarding the fields of pharmaceuticals, technology and chemistry.

At last, Irish people are having good hospitality and fill their day with a sense of humor that makes you feel home.


England is always a dream for international students. It has a massive educational and artistic contribution and influence on the world. It is of no surprise that it has a long-lasting educational history.

Without a doubt, if you complete a master’s or a graduate degree from England, it is recognized and respected globally. However, the universities of England not only the most renowned Oxford and Cambridge, but most of them provide world-class education.

Importantly, England welcomes people to watch their pride. You get free entry to almost all museums, galleries or libraries. It gives you a beautiful opportunity to enjoy and immerse yourself in the art, history and literature. You get innovative perspectives and the story of past England and its inspiring present and is the universal language as the official language, made England the most popular choice of international students.

New Zealand:

There is a difference in your approach and your prospects as well! About what? If you train yourself for the future in a small town institution or in a big and bustling international university filled with research, fieldwork and educational trips (all in New Zealand).

New Zealand will fill your life and it overwhelms you with paragliding, bungee-jumping and hiking along with your academic program.

Here in New Zealand, universities have a high emphasis on Zoology and equine science.

Many international students from New Zealand say that people there are generous and very good in nature.

One more thing, English is the official language here. In addition, very crime rate and great health benefits, New Zealand offer the best study programs with experience and adventure.


Recently, it reached the list of top study abroad destinations. Sweden is a country offering a blend of creative course works. The disciplines in Sweden are tailored in such a way that its pattern and flexibility gives you a comfortable work and life balance nowhere in the world.

Sweden’s academic quality and innovative course programs will let you earn prospects regarding international business, experience and professional internships.

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