TOEFL Exam – An all Embracing Guide about TOEFL Exam

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TOEFL- Test of English as a Foreign Language test, is offered by, tests the language fluency of non-native English speakers.

Moreover, it is one of the most popular English proficiency exams accepted at American and Canadian universities and schools abroad.

Qualifying in this ensures your ability to follow university classroom level reading, speaking, and listening.

Moreover, the TOEFL scores are widely accepted in over 10,000 universities worldwide including the USA, Australia, the UK, Canada and various countries in Asia and Europe.

The advantage of TOEFL is assuring complete fairness in scores through its centralized scoring network, minus the intervention of individual test centers.

The aspects you’ll cover in this TOEFL guide include:

  • Why take TOEFL?
  • What is the eligibility for TOEFL?
  • How to apply for TOEFL?
  • What is the TOEFL Exam Pattern?
  • What is the TOEFL Exam Syllabus?
  • How to prepare for TOEFL?
  • What are the TOEFL Scores?

Why take TOEFL?

TOEFL is probably for students who are planning to pursue higher education abroad. Appearing for TOEFL allows students to be eligible for various scholarships. It even helps aspirants looking for employment abroad with their visa application process.

Students who want to study abroad and opt for TOEFL come with several benefits.

TOEFL is the most preferred language proficiency test among students wishing to study in universities in the United States and Canada compared to other language tests.

Additionally, the TOEFL conducting body- ETS also guarantees students a fair and unbiased process of score reporting, making it more authentic.

What is the Eligibility for TOEFL?

The TOEFL is primarily for students wishing to study in an English speaking nation for graduate school programs.

However, this can be taken for several other purposes listed below:

  • To attend a 2-year community college programs in English speaking nations
  • To enter into a high school in native English countries
  • To get a license or certification in a specific field
  • To demonstrate mastery of the English language for immigration purposes
  • To assess the English language 3 skills in a formal setting

How to Apply for the TOEFL Test?

If you are planning to take the TOEFL test and need to apply for the test?

Follow these seven steps to complete your TOEFL registration.

Follow the below procedure to apply for the TOEFL test:

Step 1: Create a TOEFL Profile

Step 2: Begin TOEFL Registration

Step 3: Choose a Test Center and Date

Step 4: ID Information and Score Reporting

Step 5: Selecting Score Recipients

Step 6: Demographics and TOEFL Search Service

Step 7: Payment

Remember, the TOEFL exam registration process is identical for both the online and paper-based tests.  The key difference is that you’ll need to complete registration before the deadline for your chosen test date.

What is the TOEFL Exam Pattern?

The TOEFL test 2020 can be attempted in two different forms, the internet-based test (iBT) and the paper-based test (PBT).

However, most countries follow TOEFL iBT and only a few countries follow the paper-based one.

Go through this complete TOEFL Exam Pattern before you start your preparation as this helps you manage your time and improve your score.

TOEFL Exam Pattern 2020

SectionQuestions DurationTasks
ReadingQuestions: 30–40 questions
Duration: 54–72 minutes
Reading 3 or 4 passages from the academic texts and answering questions based on them.
ListeningQuestions: 28-38
Duration: 41-57 minutes
Listening to lectures, conversations, classroom discussions, and, then answer questions based on them.
SpeakingQuestions: 4 tasks
Duration: 17 minutes
Candidates need to express their opinion on a topic familiar to them and speak based on reading and listening tasks.
WritingQuestions: 2 tasks
Duration: 50 minutes
Candidates need to write essay responses based on reading and listening tasks, along with supporting the opinion in writing.

What is the TOEFL Exam Syllabus?

As mentioned above, the TOEFL exam consists of four sections including Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. The TOEFL Test Syllabus comprises the fields of English theory.

The TOEFL exam syllabus is as follows:

SectionSkills Tested
ReadingRead 3 or 4 passages from academic texts and answer questions.
ListeningListen to lectures, classroom discussions and conversations, and then answer questions.
SpeakingExpress an opinion on a familiar topic; speak based on reading and listening tasks.
WritingWrite essay responses based on reading and listening tasks; support an opinion in writing.

This deals from grammatical skills to comprehensive tasks, the syllabus comprises all aspects of English. The fields of English are stretched around Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills respectively.

How to prepare for the TOEFL?

Preparation plays a crucial role in your success.  Therefore, it is imperative for you to understand how to prepare for the TOEFL test day.

Now, let’s take a look at some proven TOEFL preparation tips!

  • Learn the TOEFL Test Format
  • Read and Listen to English News
  • Converse with Native English Speakers
  • Improve Your Vocabulary
  • Use a Language-Learning App or Website
  • Use Official Practice Questions
  • Carefully Analyze Your Mistakes
  • Target Your Weaknesses

Ultimately, no matter what kind of test taker you are, these tips are certain to help you get the TOEFL score you want.

What are the TOEFL Scores?

The TOEFL iBT test scores are calculated on a 0 to 120 point scale. Each of the four TOEFL sections receives a scaled score from 0 to 30.

Furthermore, the scaled score from all these sections are added together to determine the total score.

Therefore, your total TOEFL score is the sum of all four section scores (with a maximum TOEFL score of 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 = 120 points).

There is no fixed score for the TOEFL test as each university or other college sets its own TOEFL score requirement or passing score. The minimum score for TOEFL iBT varies between 61 and 109 points.

A perfect TOEFL score ranges between 90 and 100. At this level, your TOEFL score is good enough and most universities prefer.

Any queries regarding TOEFL preparation or applying for the test, contact our expert counselor only at

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