Tips to Crack the IELTS Toughest Module

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IELTS- the most recognized English language proficiency test for study wishing to study abroad. Also a yardstick for those who want to immigrate and in search of employment opportunities in the worlds leading universities.

A good band in IELTS is the first step for your study in native English speaking countries. The IELTS scores are  accepted in 10000 organizations across 140 countries around the world. The organizations ask for IELTS score includes top universities, government portals, schools, immigration authorities and other employers.

Along with studies abroad, IELTS also help in getting the best employment opportunities in
the world's leading destinations. Additionally, it plays a good role in acquiring a P.R to
immigrate into English speaking nations.

IELTS test is majorly divided into two versions:
● The IELTS Academic section
● The IELTS General section

Both the IELTS academics and IELTS general comprise four modules: 
● Reading
● Writing
● Speaking
● Listening

Each IELTS module has its own scores and the average score of all the four modules is your
final IELTS score. The listening and speaking modules are similar in both versions whereas
the reading and writing sections varies.

The IELTS score for each module lies between 1 to 9 bands where band 1 is the lowest score
and band 9 is the highest. The average of all these four modules is calculated as the final
IELTS test score.

The score bands are the same for all the four modules but not all are equally easy or difficult. Some find listening difficult and writing easy while others feel speaking a tough task.

According to several surveys on IELTS modules, the Writing module is the toughest among the four.

The writing is considered as the most difficult module of any exam. It may be in major English proficiency tests like IELTS or in school-tests. Also the marks are uncertain in this section.

A realistic plan and consistent practice can help you gain a good score in IELTS writing section.

Let’s look on the toughest IELTS module How to Crack the IELTS Writing Section?

Though IELTS writing is a challenging module, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to determine. You can crack the IELTS writing section with proper training and vision.

Components of IELTS writing section

The two IELTS sections the IELTS academics and IELTS general has unique writing sections even if they both have a common deal. the best ielts coaching

The writing is of 60 minutes longer in both versions consisting of two tasks. The first task is of 20 minutes while the second one lasts 40 minutes. There is a similar assessment criterion to evaluate the essays in both versions.

The first task of the general IELTS is a short essay writes in reaction to a given situation. The academic first part is a short descriptive essay of a chart or a graph with length of minimum 150 words.

The test-taker in both tasks is given a longer discursive essay to write on a given argument or a problem on an average of 250 words.

Is IELTS Writing the Toughest Module?

Most test-takers consider IELTS writing section a difficult and challenging one. Most students remain clueless about acquiring a good score even after the examination. The IELTS toughest module, writing score ranges between band 5 and band 8.

Because of its uncertain nature, the writing section has become the IELTS toughest module. Though some students acquires good band in this most fail to do so.

What qualities an examiner looks for in the IELTS writing?
The major qualities an examiner looks in IELTS writing are listed below.

● Statements and facts
● Composition structure and Vocabulary
● References and Examples
● Coverage depth
● Flow and connection across the article
● Focus on the topic
● Pattern and Structure of the Composition
● Punctuation and Grammar
● Interference and Logical Reasoning
● Conclusion – Recommendations, Solutions, and Remedies (based on the topic)

Some important tips to Crack IELTS Writing- IELTS Toughest Module

Don’t shift from the Center Point:  It is essential to stay aside notion from start to end while
appearing for IELTS writing. There should be not middle shifts in your essay as it leads the
examiner lose impression.

Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation: The fundamental elements that took place in IELTS
writing is effective vocabulary, grammar and spelling. Most test-takers ignore these and get
a low band in the IELTS toughest Module.

Readability: Effective writing style and gaining attention is the primary requirements in
IELTS writing section. An out of the box writing approach with effective readability is very
important to score a good band.

Distribute Facts Properly: The IELTS test-taker should remember that the IELTS write up should
not be a mass of information rather providing the supporting facts. This will create an impression for
the examiner and continue to read till the end. Otherwise, the chances are more to stop in the
middle which affects your IELTS writing score.
Hope these tips will help you in acquiring a great score in the IELTS toughest module- IELTS Writing.
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