The Cost of Studying in USA for Indian Students: A Complete Guide

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The Cost of Studying in USA for Indian Students: A Complete Guide

The United States of America, a dream study destination for many international students, is well-known for its quality education, research opportunities, career prospects, international exposure, etc. However, paying attention to the financial aspects of studying in the USA is also necessary to ensure a great academic experience for students. 

Let’s explore the details of the cost of studying in USA for Indian students.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Studying in USA

The cost of studying in USA varies from person to person. Here are some factors that affect the cost of studying in USA.

  1. Tuition Fees
  2. Program of study
  3. Location of Study
  4. Accommodation Type
  5. Books and other things for Academics
  6. Distance and Travelling
  7. Duration of the Program
  8. Exchange Rates

Tuition Fees in US Universities

Tuition fees are one of the first and crucial expenses while studying in USA. You can find that certain factors determine the tuition fees to study in the USA, such as the type of university you are studying at, the program level, the type of courses, the location of the university, etc. 

Factors Influencing the Tuition Fees in US Universities

(i) Types of Universities in the USA

The universities in the USA can be divided into two: public and private. If you are studying in a public university, the cost of study will be lower than that in a private university, because the public universities are funded directly by the state government. The tuition fees at public universities may cost around $20,000 to $ 35,000, whereas studying in private universities costs around $35,000 to $ 60,000 per year.

(ii) Program Level

The program level you choose to study also influences the amount you need to pay as the tuition fees. The table below shows the average tuition fees for each program level at private and public universities in the USA.

Program Type Private University Public University
Bachelor’s  $25,000-$50,000 $8,000-$35,000
Master’s  $22,000-55,000 $10,000-$35,000
Doctoral $1,29,395 $93,670

Let’s have a look at the average annual tuition fee for both master’s and bachelor’s degrees at some popular universities in the USA.

Name of US University Average Annual Fees for Master’s Average Annual Fees for Bachelor’s
University of Kent $12,876- $19,000 $15,130- $28,865
Depaul University $16,680- $51,649 $43,665-$45,030
Governors State University $12,144-$18,524 $18,783
Kennesaw State University $22,000-$55,000 $ 20,000- $ 23,000
University of Central Oklahoma $15,400-$17,400 $17,400
University of Findlay $37,880 $38,630
Southeast Missouri State University $12,645 $16,395
Emporia State University $13,970 $14,920
Texas State University $13,986- $23,310 $24,820
Kennesaw State University $20,524 $17,040

(iii) Course of Study in USA

Different courses have different fees. So, the amount to be paid as the tuition fee may vary according to the course of study you pursue in the US. Here are some of the popular courses and their average tuition fees in the USA.

Name of the Course Annual Average Tuition Fees 
MBBS $18,000-$86,000
BSc Nursing $17,919- $87,242
MBA $45,000-$77,000
Btech $27,000- $58,000
Mathematics $8,430- $35,770
LLM $70,000-$78,000
Applied Economics $35,000
MSc Data Science $70,000
MPH $50,000
MSc Computer Science $50,000

USA Living Expenses for Indian Students

Living expenses in the USA include accommodation, travel, study materials, etc. It is estimated to be around $10,000 to $25,000 per year. Anyway, let’s dig into the details of each living expense for Indian students in the USA. 

  • Accommodation

There are different types of accommodation available for Indian students in USA. So, the cost of living depends on the accommodation chosen by the student. Here are a few accommodation options and their respective cost.

Accommodation Amount
On-campus Public universities $9,800/ year
Private Universities $11,100/year
Off-campus Private stay $6,000-$49,000/year
Homestay $7000+$300
Student hostels $15-$45/ night
  • Other Expenses

Here is the list of other common expenses an international student has to manage while studying in the USA.

Expenses Amount
Food $250-$600/month
Travel $300-$700/year
Study materials $900-$2,000/year
Phone subscription $50/month
Electricity $90-$150/month
Health Insurance $500-$1000/year
Internet $50/month
Miscellaneous Expenses  $1000/year

Pre-arrival Cost to study in the USA

There are a set of expenses to be met before going to study in USA. Here is the list of them.

  • English Proficiency Tests

USA education aspirants need to prove their communication skills in the English language. So, they must score well in any of the English proficiency tests listed below.

Name of the Test Fees (in Indian rupees)
IELTS ₹16,250
TOEFL ₹16,900
PTE ₹15,900


  • Standardized Entrance Tests

Indian students must take a few exams like the SAT, GRE, and GMAT to study particular courses in the USA. Let’s go through the money needed for each exam registration.

Name of the Exam Amount
SAT ₹8,532
GRE ₹22,550 (for General test)

₹14,500 (for Subject test)

GMAT ₹21,000 (approximately)


  • University Application Fee

Application fees are paid by the applicant while applying to a US university. Mostly, they are refundable. Let’s have a look at various US universities and their application fees.

Universities Application Fee
Texas State University  $75
University of Findlay $75
Kent State University  $70
Emporia State University $60
University of New Haven $50
Kennesaw State University $40
Wichita State University $40
Eastern Michigan University  $35
Arkansas State University $30
  • SEVIS Fees

Once you are admitted to any of the accredited programs in a US university, you have to pay an amount of $350 (₹29168) as a SEVIS ( Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) fee. Then, you will receive the I-20 form from your university.

  • Visa Application Fees

Students must apply for an F1 visa to study in USA. For this, you have to pay $180 along with the application form.

  • Flight Ticket

The cost of flight tickets depends on the distance, flight selected, date, etc. 

Cost of Living in US Cities for Indian Students

The monthly expenses may vary according to the cities you live in USA. Here are some of them.

City Average Monthly Expense
San Francisco $4,000
California $4,000
New York $3,300
Boston $3,316
New Orleans $2,000

Scholarships For Indian Students in USA

Studying in USA demands proper management of expenses and arranging enough funds for it to ensure a hassle-free education environment. There are a lot of scholarships available for Indian students to study in USA, such as government-sponsored scholarships, need-based scholarships, merit-based scholarships, tuition waivers, and university-specific scholarships. Some of the most popular scholarships for Indian students in USA are:

  1. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program
  2. Fullbright-Nehru Fellowship
  3. Stanford University Scholarship
  4. University of New Haven Scholarship
  5. AAUW International Fellowship
  6. Graduate International Merit Scholarship
  7. Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship
  8. United World Colleges International Youth Scholarship
  9. Clark Global Scholarship Program
  10. PEO International Peace Scholarship for Women

Apart from the scholarships mentioned here, there are more scholarships for Indian students to study in USA

Final Thoughts

The cost of studying in USA for Indian students is dependent on various factors, such as the university of study, the course chosen, the area of living, etc. It is essential to understand the various kinds of expenses that you may have to manage at your desired university to have a great and smooth learning experience. Therefore, students must find a proper financing source to fund their studies in the USA or seek help from a consultancy to make and follow excellent financial plans to ensure a problem-free learning period in the USA.


1. What are the average tuition fees for undergraduate programs in the USA for Indian students?

Ans –
The average tuition fee for undergraduate programs in the USA for Indian students is approximately 45,00,000 INR.

2. What are the most affordable universities in the USA for Indian students?

Ans – Arizona State University, California State University, University of Texas and Brigham Young University are some of the affordable universities in the USA for Indian students.

3. How do the costs of studying in the USA for Indian students compare to other popular study destinations like Canada, Australia, or the UK?

Ans – Indeed, the USA is costlier for Indian students compared to other popular study destinations like Canada, Australia or the UK. Be it tuition fees or living expenses; the USA is more expensive than other countries for Indian students. 

4. How does the cost of living vary across different cities in the USA for Indian students?

Ans – If you plan to stay in big cities like New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco then be prepared to shelve $4,000 per month. The cost of living in suburbs like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Illinois, Texas and  Seattle is around $2,000 per month.

5. Are there any tips or strategies for Indian students to manage their finances effectively while studying in the USA?

Ans – Yes, there are a few tips for Indian students on how to manage their finances effectively while studying in the USA. First of all; plan your budget, search for scholarships and financial aid, find proper part-time employment, open a bank account and finally save for emergencies.

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