Summer Intake in USA – A Complete Guide

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Summer Intake in USA

  1. Why study in USA?
  2. What are the upcoming Intakes in USA?
  3. Benefits of Summer intake in USA
  4. Summer intake in USA universities
  5. Courses to apply for Summer intake in USA
  6. How to apply for summer intake in USA?
  7. Deadlines for summer intake in USA
  8. Documents for summer intake in USA
  9. Types of US student visa
  10. What exams to take for summer intake in USA?
  11. Faqs

Why Study in USA?

The United States of America boasts of a unique and broad-based education system. Getting an American degree from USA is the key to a successful career. It reinforces your job resume, as American educational degrees are world-renowned for their academic excellence and higher education experiences.

Study abroad in USA gives you the option of choosing from numerous graduate programs, training, and teaching opportunities that enable you to become teaching assistants to graduates and research assistants on specialized projects exploring different aspects of your field of study.

What are the Upcoming Intakes to Study in USA ?

The USA education follows three intakes in a single year. They are

  1. Spring IntakeThe Spring intake in USA is called the January intake. It begins in the month of January and ends in April or May.
  2. Fall IntakeThe Fall Intake in USA, also known as the September intake begins in the month of September and ends in December.
  3. Summer IntakeThe Summer Intake begins in the month of April or May and concludes in August. 

Benefits of Summer Intake in USA

  1. The USA universities offer various short-term courses, certified courses, and vocational programs in the summer intake in USA.
  2. Very few students apply for study in the summer intake. Therefore, the chances of getting admission are high.
  3. The admission process is simpler with a higher acceptability rate.
  4. Online classes in USA universities are available in the summer semester.
  5. The universities provide various internship options during the summer intake in USA.

Summer Intake in USA Universities

There are many USA universities that offer a wide variety of courses to students during the summer intake. Here is a list of universities offering summer intake in USA in 2023:

  • Capital University
  • Bridgewater College
  • Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Purdue University
  • Georgia Southern University
  • Indiana University Bloomington
  • Southeast Missouri State University
  • Stockton University
  • North Central University
  • Southeastern University
  • Grand Valley State University
  • Hendrix College
  • Regent University
  • Southern Utah University
  • Southern Illinois University
  • Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • The University of New Mexico
  • The University of Texas at Dallas
  • The University of Arizona
  • Virginia State University
  • St. Edward’s University
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of South Florida
  • Winthrop University
  • Kean University
  • Eastern Washington University
  • University of Washington Tacoma

Courses to Apply for  Summer Intake in USA

There is a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the USA universities for the summer intake in USA 2023. Some of them are as follows:

  • Journalism
  • Business
  • Money & Banking
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • History
  • Chemistry
  • Accounting

How to Apply for Summer Intake in USA?

To apply during the summer intake in USA 2023 you have to begin your preparation early.  Please follow the below-mentioned steps for a successful application process.

  1. Start by researching the courses that you would want to study in USA. After deciding on the course, shortlist universities that offer your selected course. You can visit universities’ websites and collect information about tuition fees, accommodation, job prospects, etc.
  2. Start your research from July to August so you have enough time to complete the necessary formalities.
  3. Check the university admission criteria like English language tests (IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE) and entrance tests (GMAT, GRE). 
  4. Register for these tests and start taking them from September to November.
  5. Prepare your educational and official documents and start applying to the shortlisted universities from January to March.
  6. After successfully sending your application to universities you have to wait for the university acceptance letter. After receiving the acceptance letter through your registered email pay the admission fee.
  7. Apply for a US Study Visa and arrange student loans. Complete the visa formalities like documentation procedures, visa interviews, etc.
  8. Buy a flight ticket to the USA.

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Deadlines for Summer Intake in USA

The summer intake in USA begins in May and ends in August. Therefore, the deadline for summer intake in USA 2023 is March 2023.

Documents for the Summer Intake in USA

 The list of documents for the spring intake is as follows:

  1. Academic Transcripts
  2. Attested Mark sheets of 10th and 12th
  3. CV/ Resume
  4. GMAT/GRE Scores
  6. SOPs and LORs
  7. A Valid Passport
  8. Passport Sized Photos
  9. Work Experience Certificates
  10. Extracurricular activities Certificates

Types of US Student Visas

There are three types of US Student Visas for entering and studying in USA. They are as follows:

  1. F1 Visa– the F1 Visas are issued to students who want to study in a US college or university.
  2. J1 Visa– the J1 Visa is issued to people who want to undertake practical training and study a diploma or vocational courses in the USA.
  3. M-1 Visa– the M1 Visas are extended to students who want to take a nonacademic course in the US. 

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What Exams to take for a Summer Intake to USA?

Students who want to study in USA, have to follow certain admission criteria set by the USA universities. It is mandatory for students to qualify for the English language test and university entrance tests for successful admission into the summer intake in USA 2023.

English Language Tests:

Entry Level Tests:

GMAT: The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a computer-based test taken by aspirants who want to study MBA in USA. 

GRE: The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an entry-level exam for students who want to study MS in USA.

SAT: Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is a standardized test used for College Admissions to Undergraduate Courses in USA.

FAQs about summer intake in USA

  1. When does the summer intake in USA start?

The summer intake in USA starts in the month of April or May.

  1. What is the acceptability rate for summer intake in USA?

The acceptability rate for summer intake is quite high as compared to other intakes.

  1. What kind of courses does the summer intake in USA offer?

A lot of vocational courses, certified programs, and language programs are offered in the summer intake in USA.

  1. Is IELTS, TOEFL or PTE required for admission in summer intake in USA?

Yes, you have to take IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE for admission in summer intake in USA.

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