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Why Study in the USA?

 India is the largest source of international students for the US. It is a destination that attracts lakhs of students into its soil every year. The quality of education, global exposure, booming job market and state of the art infrastructure are some of the major factors in pulling students to its colleges and universities. Another important factor in driving aspirants to the US is its better education and immigration policies by the US govt.

Some of the major reasons why students prefer USA for their study destination are discussed below


 1. World Class Education – the US ranks first in the education system. With a reputation of being home to half of the best global universities, the USA presents high academic opportunities to international students.

The academic programs in the US educational institutions are multidisciplinary with flexible program choices. Undergraduate students are given the benefit of exploring an academic discipline of their interest and then choosing a major.

2. Campus life Staying in a foreign country will expose you to a diversity of cultures from around the world. The university you choose for your study will also have a community of other students from across the globe. This gives you a chance to build connections and invaluable relationships with them. 

Furthermore, some connections can even lead to career opportunities, job offers and business partners. If you have a broad network you are more likely to be connected to exciting career and social opportunities.


3. Diverse culture

The USA is an amalgamation of people from various cultures, religion, ethnicity and backgrounds. These help you in building warm connections with everyone which helps you in building employment networks.

4. Great Career Opportunities

Your career prospects are widened by an international degree. The international standard of education exposes you to various leanings and teachings which contributes to a candidates overall knowledge on various academic disciplines. Employers give extra value to candidates with an international degree.

 5. Networking


 The US universities host job fairs, workshops, career counseling sessions, networking events to boost students’ career opportunities. Academic mentors also give you valuable career advice which goes a long way in bolstering your employment prospects. All the opportunities provided by the US study system pave your way to a great future if you can grab hold of it.

  6.   Assistance to International Students

The US education system provides you with the opportunity of working on campus, getting internships with businesses off campus and holding research and training positions as graduate students.

Additionally, you might also be offered specialized courses to help international students like you to get used to American college life and learn more about the new culture. These programs will expose you to American traditions, cuisine and take field trips, attend sporting events. 


With more than a million international students, the US is the world’s most popular destination among students for overseas education. In this blog we highlight some of the top 10 colleges to study in the USA along with their eligibility and scholarships offered by them. Read on! 


Top Colleges in the USA

  1.     Harvard University
  2.     Georgia Institute of Technology
  3.     Northeastern University
  4.     Columbia University
  5.     Amherst College
  6.     Duke University
  7.     Stanford University
  8.     Princeton University
  9.     New York University
  10.   Boston University



 1.  Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the top notch institutions in the United States. With an enrollment of more than 35,000 candidates, this university has been home to most of the world’s famous politicians, lawyers, businessmen, laureates, actors etc. Harvard is located in Massachusetts and offers academic programs like:


  •   MS
  •   B. Sc
  •   BBA
  •   B. tech
  •   M. Arch
  •   MIM
  •   M. tech
  •   IT & Software
  •   Law
  •   Engineering
  •   Science
  •   Business & Management Studies
  •   Architecture & Planning
  •   Teaching & Education
  •   Humanities & Social Sciences
  •   Medicine & Health Sciences Animation
  •   Arts ( Fine / Visual / Performing )
  •   Design


  •       Times Higher Education 2
  •       U.S. News & World Report 2
  •       QS Top Universities 5


Harvard University provides financial aid and offers both need-based and merit-based scholarships. These financial aids are available to both UG and PG students.


 2.  Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology is an institute of technology located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a renowned public research university offering degrees in various disciplines like engineering, computing, arts and design. The university has a current enrollment of 22,000 students across all disciplines.


  •   MS
  •   MBA/PGDM
  •   B.E. / B.Tech   
  •   MIM
  •   BBA
  •   M.Arch
  •   B.Sc.


  •   15th best college of veteran globally by US News & World reports
  •   44th World reputation ranking in 2022 by Times Higher Education
  •   80th position in world’s top universities ranking by QS World University Ranking in the year 2022


  •   Liang Prodigy Scholarship
  •   The Bruce Eisenman Latin American Student Emergency Fund
 3. Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a private college established in the year 1898. Located in Boston, Massachusetts of the USA, this university has gained the reputation of being the best university for undergraduate students.

The university has many campuses with Boston being the main campus; it offers both graduate and undergraduate programs.


  •   Engineering
  •   Social Sciences
  •   Health Professions and Related Programs
  •   Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  •   Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
  •   Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs
  •   Psychology
  •   Visual and Performing Arts
  •   Mathematics and Statist


  •   THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking 176
  •   US News & World Report – Global Universities -49
  •   QS – World University Ranking -362


  •   National Merit Finalist and National Recognition Program Scholarships
  •   Merit Scholarships
  •   Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships


 4. Columbia University

 Columbia University is a private research university established in the year 1754. Located in New York, this university is a part of the Ivy League. Earlier the university was called King’s College, and later on, it was renamed Columbia University in 1784. 


  •   MS
  •   MBA/PGDM
  •   MIM
  •   M.A.
  •   BBA
  •   M.Arch


  •   QS – World University Ranking    19
  •   THE (Times Higher Education) – 17
  •   US News & World Report – Global University 6


Columbia University welcomes students from all kinds of socioeconomic backgrounds. It is dedicated to supporting students in need. The average financial aid award received by international students is USD 66,350.

Columbia University offers only financial aid to its students.

5. Amherst College

Amherst College is a private liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts. Amherst is an exclusively undergraduate four-year institution.

Amherst College offers 42 programs at UG level in the arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, Amherst College offers 41 majors at the undergraduate level in the form of 4-year long courses. Amherst offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in 41 majors in the arts, sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Students can carry more than one major, create their own interdisciplinary major or engage in independent scholarship.


  •   Arts
  •   Humanities
  •   Sciences
  •   Mathematics
  •   Computer Sciences
  •   Social Sciences
  •   Foreign Languages
  •   Classics


  •       22nd US College Rankings
  •       2nd in National Liberal Arts Colleges by US News & World Reports
  •       42nd in Most Innovative Schools by US News & World Reports


  •     Narotam Sekhsaria’s Scholarships
  •   Hani Zeini Scholarship

 6. Duke University

One of the most prestigious private universities of the USA, Duke University was founded in the year 1838. Previously known as Trinity College, it became Duke University in 1924.

 Duke University has a total of 10 graduate and undergraduate schools that come under Duke’s umbrella, namely:

  •   Duke Kunshan University
  •   Divinity School
  •   Duke-NUS Medical School
  •   Fuqua School of Business
  •   Graduate School
  •   Nicholas School of the Environment
  •   Pratt School of Engineering
  •   Sanford School of Public Policy
  •   School of Law
  •   School of Medicine
  •   School of Nursing
  •   Trinity College of Arts & Sciences


  •       IT & Software
  •       Law
  •       Nursing
  •       Mass Communication & Media
  •       Arts
  •       Business & Management Studies
  •       Science
  •       Medicine & Health Sciences
  •       Humanities & Social Sciences
  •       Engineering


  •   QS – World University Ranking 42
  •   THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking 20
  •   US News & World Report – Global Universities 23


  •   Karsh International Scholarship
  •   Robertson Scholarship
  •   Chancellor’s Scholarship
  •   Hung Taiwan-Duke University Fellowship

7. Stanford University

 Stanford University is a private research university in Stanford, California. Stanford is ranked among the best universities in the world and has a current enrollment of around 16,424 students. Stanford currently comprises seven schools and 18 interdisciplinary institutes. Stanford has seven schools for:

  •       Business
  •       Earth
  •       Education
  •       Engineering
  •       Humanities and Sciences
  •       Law
  •       Medicine


  •       MBA/PGDM
  •       MS
  •       B.E. / B.Tech
  •       B.Sc.
  •       BBA
  •       M.A.


  •       QS – World University Ranking- 2
  •       THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking 2
  •       US News & World Report – Global Universities 3


  •       Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program
  •       JN Ratan Tata Endowment Fund
  •       Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship

 8. Princeton University

 Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey. Princeton is one of the world’s most renowned higher education institutions. The Ivy League institution offers undergraduate programs for 4 years. Princeton offers both undergraduate and graduate courses in engineering, natural sciences, and humanities.


  •        B.E. / B.Tech
  •       MIM
  •       M.E./M.Tech
  •       MS
  •       BBA
  •       MA
  •       MArch


  •       QS – World University Ranking 12
  •       THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking 9
  •       US News & World Report – Global Universities 11

  Princeton University offers financial aid to its undergraduates, graduates as well as fellowship and assistantship for PhD aspirants. International undergraduate students may request financial aid on a need basis.


9. New York University (NYU)

 New York University (NYU) is a private research university located in New York City. It is one of the biggest private higher education institutes in the United States. The university is known for its undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in social science, fine arts, nursing, and dentistry.


  •       M.A.
  •       MS
  •       B.Sc.
  •       B.E. / B.Tech
  •       MBA


  •       QS – World University Ranking     35
  •       THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking 26
  •       US News & World Report – Global Universities 29


  •       AnBryce Scholarships
  •       Lenape Scholarship
  •       Lewis Rudin City Scholarships
  •       Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships
  •       Yellow Ribbon Scholarships


10. Boston University

Boston University (BU) is a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts. The university now has more than 4,000 faculty members and nearly 34,000 students, from more than 130 countries and is one of Boston’s largest employers. Boston is the fourth largest in the United States. The university has three campuses.


  •       MS
  •       M.A.
  •       MIM
  •       MFA
  •       B.E. / B.Tech
  •       Law
  •       Business


  •       QS – World University Ranking 110
  •       THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking 54
  •       US News & World Report – Global Universities 57


  •       Thomas M. Menino Scholarship
  •       Cardinal Medeiros Scholarship
  •       College of Engineering FIRST Scholarship
  •       Methodist Clergy Scholarship
  •       BU Community Service Award


Other Top US Universities

  •       University Of New Haven
  •       University of Cincinnati
  •       Northern Arizona University
  •       Governors State University
  •       University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  •       Wichita State University
  •       University of Central Oklahoma
  •       Western Illinois University
  •       Eastern Michigan University
  •       Indiana Tech University
  •       Gannon University
  •       Kennesaw state university
  •       University of Colorado Denve
  •       Missouri state university
  •       University of Michigan Flint
  •       Kent State University
  •       Duquesne University
  •       Southeast Missouri State University
  •       Purdue University NorthWest
  •       Depaul university
  •       California State University, Northridge
  •       Pittsburg State University
  •       New Jersey Institute of Technology
  •       California State University, Sacramanto
  •       University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  •       Sacred Heart University
  •       Western New England University
  •       Grand Valley State University
  •       Indiana institute of technology
  •       Wilmington University
  •       Franklin University
  •       Academy of Art University
  •       University of West Florida
  •       National University
  •       Clark University
  •       University of Findlay


Some More Scholarships

  •   AEF Scholarship
  •   Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship
  •   American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship
  •   Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund
  •   Chicago Booth School of Business
  •   Cornell University Tata Scholarship
  •   Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship
  •   Gunvant and Bharati Parekh College Scholarship Award
  •   Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship


Eligibility and Documents Required:

  •                 Transcript (mark sheet) and school forms
  •                 Financial documentation
  •                 Official IELTS or TOEFL score reports
  •                 GRE or GMAT test score
  •                 Statement of purpose
  •                 Academic transcripts
  •                 CV or resume
  •                 Letters of recommendation
  •                 Proof of work experiences (if any)
  •                 Passport Photos


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