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“Studying in UK without IELTS”, is it possible? The examination so called International English Language Testing System is a standard Language Proficiency test for the non – native English students to study in the English speaking countries like UK, US, Australia, New Zealand etc. It tests the candidate’s listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities in English and the candidate is awarded with his/her band score.

Suppose if you miss your IELTS test or if you are not able to appear the test, you don’t need to panic at all. There are various other colleges that do not require IELTS in their admission process.

In this blog, we Texas Review will present you aspirants the universities in the UK which does not need IELTS and possible alternative ways to study in the UK without IELTS.

In addition to that, we will also provide you with the information about the way to apply for admission, about finance and cost details along with the documentation process too.

Study in UK without IELTS – Universities and offered courses:

United Kingdom has a wide variety and internationally reputed universities. And also, there are universities which didn’t make IELTS mandatory for admission process.

Firstly let’s know about the major universities and the courses offered there.

London Southbank University:

If you want to study in the UK without IELTS, then London Southbank University is the most preferred one. Although it is a major university in the UK, the process of admission is done on the basis of the candidate’s merit in their previous academic education.

In short, your admission process is based on the marks scored in XII standard or in your undergraduate degree.

London Southbank University offers different courses in many streams like arts, science, business & management and humanities etc. Let’s have a glance on the major courses mostly pursued at London Southbank University. They are:

  •         B. Sc. (Animation)
  •         B. A. (Animation)
  •         B. Sc. (Baking science & tech)
  •         Business Foundation Course
  •         L. L. B. (Business Law)

University of Bristol:

One of the oldest of the universities in the UK is the University of Bristol since 1595. It provides direct admission through Universities & Colleges Admission Services for Undergraduate Courses (UCAS). University of Bristol offers major courses like;

  •         B. Sc. (Accounting & Finance)
  •         B. E. (Aerospace)
  •         B. A. (History)
  •         B. A. (Anthropology)
  •         B. Sc. (Biochemistry)

Sheffield Hallam University:

Sheffield Hallam University is among the top universities of UK. It offers various full – time and part – time courses in many streams. Some of the major specializations offered here are;

  •         Animation
  •         Accounts & Finance
  •         Accounts & Economics
  •         Social Sciences
  •         Business Analytics

In addition to this, there are many other universities that accept admissions without the compulsion of IELTS.

Other Alternatives to Study in UK Without IELTS:

Remember that IELTS is not the only road to study in the UK. There are some other ways that UK tests the English language proficiency of the applicants.

  •         Let’s go through some of the substitutions of IELTS to study in UK.
  •         Some universities will ask you for an online interview. Your English language proficiency is tested in the interview itself.
  •         Suppose you have gained 60% in your high school English, there are some universities which consider high school marks (rather than IELTS).
  •         If you have a specialization in English in under graduation, then you don’t need IELTS.
  •         As we said earlier there are universities that consider academic score in your XII or under graduation rather than IELTS.

Now let’s go through the finance and admission related documentation.

United Kingdom has become one of the preferred destinations of International students. As per statistics there are 106 universities and 5 university colleges in England. There are a total of 130 universities are present in United Kingdom.

How to study in UK without IELTS?

Admission and Documentation Process:

With the advent of new simplified system of UK’s laws, it is made easy to get admission in a university in the United Kingdom. In the rule of the previous systems, IELTS was mandatory to study in any UK university. But now, the IELTS is no more a compulsive requirement if certain qualifications match up.

Especially Indian candidates need only 60% or above in English and an aggregate of 65% to get CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies).

Still, every university has its own benchmark for eligibility. Keep this in mind that one university may ask a certain percentage and some other may ask higher than that. It depends on the university.

Process to Apply for Admission:

Below are the required documents (scanned) needed when you apply for admission in UK? Trust this, very simple!\

  1.     Academic Mark Sheets (10th, 12th and graduation)
  2.     Provisional Certificate of Graduation
  3.     Recommendation letters
  4.     Medium of Instruction (MOI) if you didn’t get ample marks in 12th and IELTS.
  5.     SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  6.     Passport copy

To know the further process about study in UK, visit: UK Study Visa

Personal Statement:

This is crucial when you apply to study in the UK. You have to write what you hope to do in the study, and what you hope to do after it and the reason why you are applying for it.

Reference letters:

There is something important to be discussed about this. References are expected from your referee and it should be academic or professional. It should be from a teacher’s point of view about you like your interaction, behavior and your academic performance etc.

In some cases reference letters need not be academic. But if you have just completed or are still pursuing studies, it is crucial.

Upload all above to the selected University portal and send to international admission department. Later on, you will be guided by the admission department.

CAS Initial Deposit & Visa Application:

As discussed above, CAS is Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies is permission. The initial deposit needed is the amount to the university to issue CAS. In fact, this amount varies with University.

After receiving that, you should apply for the student long term visa in British embassy. It can be done from the university portal or through agent portal.

Financial Requirements to Study in United Kingdom:

If you are an international student, financials matter. If you have a weak financial profile, it may cause visa refusal.

Note that these are some approximations for your information and may vary with time.

Presently, the UK Government has a rule regarding the funds. An international student going to outer London should show a total amount of 9026 Euros in their accounts or their parent’s account. In addition to that, 2000 pounds if the student intends to go to inner London. One more thing is that the funds are to be at least 28 days old.

However university fee varies, so let’s go with a rough figure. Your university fee on an average ranges from 9000 pounds to 16000 pounds. This is general and if the university is highly reputed, it might be more.


Moving along, you should pay to the UK embassy for Indian student and it is around 30,000 INR (this might change according to currency fluctuations)

Besides, you should undergo a tuberculosis test (it costs 5000 INR) from the panel physician and you should buy a health insurance which costs 15000 INR (approximately).

That’s not all!

You should pay your travelling expenses too.

Once you get Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), you will be granted with education loan and you can easily meet these expenses.

As mentioned above if you want to study in the UK without IELTS, there are many other alternatives and major universities. We hope that this information regarding the documentation process will be helpful to you. Reconfirm the financial details before you step in. All the best for your future endeavors!!!

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