Student Visa Dependent can Work Full Time Job in UK

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Student Visa Dependent can Work Full Time Job in UK

 The UK is the most beautiful country in the world owing to its Victorian era architectural marvels and scenic beauty. This nation has a subsequent number of Indian populations striving to complete their studies from various UK colleges and universities.

 As a foreigner, the UK will make sure you do not have to bear the ill effects of culture shock in an entirely alien country. This nation is popular for student safety and support, international student benefits etc.

Moreover, studying in the UK will also give you the following benefits:

  •   Attractive Scholarships
  •   Internationally Recognized Degrees
  •   Huge Variety of Courses
  •   World Class Universities
  •   Low Cost of Studying
  •   Dependents Allowed
  •   Part Time Job Prospects
  •   2 Years Post Study Work Visa

 The UK offers great opportunities to students who want to bring their spouses or children with them as dependents to the country. This blog will highlight the work options for Student Visa Dependents in the UK. Read on!

1. What is a Dependent Visa?

A dependent visa is a type of visa which allows dependents like spouses and children of primary applicants to travel to a foreign nation. The purpose of travel has to be study, work or staying with the primary applicant. International students who are pursuing their studies in the UK are permitted to bring their family members to the country as dependents.

The dependent visa holder enjoys certain benefits like residing in the UK for the same length of time as the main visa holder. This visa also entitles you to work under certain areas with better work options unlike main visa holders.

2. Eligibility:

To avail a UK student visa dependent visa, you have to fulfill the following criteria:

  •   you are the husband or wife of the applicant
  •   you are the unmarried partner of the applicant
  •   you are over 18 years of age
  •   you will reside in the UK as long as the primary applicant would stay
  •   you have no interest in settling permanently

3. Eligibility for a Child Dependent Visa:

In order to avail the benefits of a Child Dependent Visa you should meet the following requirements:

  •   you must be less than 18 years of age
  •   you should travel to the UK with both parents or single parents
  •   you are financially dependent on your parents

4. General rules for UK Student Visa Dependents:

  •   The dependent has permission to immigrate on a UK dependent visa
  •   The UK student visa holder has applied for a full time post graduate level program.  
  •   the primary visa holder has a child after obtaining student visa permission
  •   the dependent must apply for the visa for the same period of time as the main visa holder
  •   Work options for visa dependents are unlimited with a huge demand for dependents with tech skills.
  •   a dependent visa holder cannot work as a sports professional and healthcare professional

 5. Rules for Primary Visa Holder in the UK:

  •   a student who is above 18 years of age are eligible to bring dependents with them
  •   they are not allowed to stay in the UK permanently
  •   they have to abide by the UK visa regulations and work permanence

6. How can a Dependent Visa Holder apply for a job?

Most of the UK companies are open to hiring dependents as workers owing to their diverse culture. Try looking for job vacancies online. You can also apply to more than one place to increase your chances of getting hired.

7. When can you apply for a UK Dependent Visa?

Student visa dependents must apply for a UK visa with the main applicant or after the student visa has been granted.

8. What are the work benefits of a dependent visa holder in the UK?

Dependent visa holders have a lot of work options in the UK. They are permitted to work for any employer and have multiple income sources. UK being a diverse nation, employers are open to hire dependent visa holders owing to their specific skills.

9. What are the documents required for a UK Dependent Visa?

  •   a passport
  •   bank statements
  •   marriage certificate or birth certificate
  •   proof of relations
  •   evidence of relationship between the dependent and primary applicant

The UK visas and immigration are very strict when it comes to documentation.


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Q. Can I bring my spouse while studying in the UK?

A. Yes, you can, provided you pay for your spouse’s expenses.

 Q. Can student visa dependents work in the UK?

A. Yes, they can work full time with a few exceptions.

Q. Has the UK tier 4 study visa been replaced?

A. The tier 4 visa has been replaced by the PBS (point based system) since early 2022.

Q. How long does it take to process the UK dependent visa?

A. In case of an application filed outside the UK, it takes 15 days to avail the visa.

Q.The PBS System

A. Dependent visas are offered to keep families of the Point Based System migrant together. The PBS dependent can:

  •   Work full time or part time in the country
  •   Study in the country
  •   Leave and enter UK during the visa period
  •   Apply for extension of visa
  •   Apply for ILR

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