Steps To Register For Your GRE Test

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Hello test takers! If you are reading this article, then you have already started planning for your study abroad and have read a lot of material about GRE or TOEFL or IELTS or GMAT or SAT or whatever else that exists! This article is to provide you with a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts before you register. 

1. Plan your test well in advance

2. Prepare before you register so that you know how much time more you need before you feel ready for the exam. Once you know this, you will make a more reasonable choice of date.

3.Register for the test in the official GRE ETS Portal

While you register for your test, there are a certain few things you have to keep on mind. Here is a step-by-step account of what you have to do:

1. Create a “My GRE Account” in the above-specified link

2. To pay for the test online, you need a working credit or debit card. Make sure you have one of these or you can borrow one from your friends when you pay for the test. The details of the accepted cards are on the website. I used a credit card that belonged to my friend while registering for my test since I didn’t have one of those.

3. Once you have your account, fill in all the details in the application. Pay extra caution to fill in your details. Your name MUST be the same as the name on your passport. If you are a citizen of India, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PASSPORT. Other documents are not accepted

4. I would personally suggest that you register online, although, there are other options for registering, such as through phone. Be careful to spell your details correctly if you are registering for the exam through the Telephone.

5. Take care to remember your user name and which ID and passport you have registered through. Although this may seem like simple advice, most of us use multiple Email-IDs nowadays and it might get confusing.

6. Choose a date that is available. Take care to see that you do your registration at least a month in advance since you might not get the date you want because of unavailability.

7. While choosing your date, choose also the location which you can reach easily. If you have to choose a date that is already full in your location, you might choose another location where this date is available. You can check the test centers and dates here: ETS Revised General Centers and Dates

8. Some centers have a paper-based test and some have computer-based. Check whether your location has the kind of test you want to take.

9. You should also know that you can take GRE again if you are not happy with your scores the first time. A computer-based test can be retaken after 21 days after your previous attempt, up to five times in the subsequent 12 months. A paper-based test can be taken as many times as it is offered.

10. Once you register or your test, you will get a confirmation email with instructions. Make sure that you take a print of this email that contains your details and details of your examination date and location. 

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