Reasons to Study in UK

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We are here to discover the top reasons to study in the UK that everyone should know. Today it is a globalized world and the UK is one of the best places to live. It offers world-class teaching to the students of around 270,000 every year, training them for the global workplace.

An Indian student when they plan their higher studies abroad, the host country becomes their point of concern. Because, it’s not just about the value of the earned British degree, it also determines the future career.

Now, suppose you decide to apply for graduation, post-graduation or a research program in the UK. Then,  you should know the following future benefits provided by the United Kingdom when compared to some other host countries.

The United Kingdom includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Firstly, let’s have a look at the universities that are recognized internationally.

Top 5 Internationally Recognized Universities in the UK:
  1. Imperial College of London: It is especially known for its Sciences. This is one of the oldest universities and has produced many Nobel laureates. Even Sir Alexander Fleming, the inventor of Penicillin, had studied here.
  2. University College London: Being one of the top universities of the UK, the Father of the Nation of India, Mahatma Gandhi had completed law here.
  3. University of Edinburgh:
  4. Oxford University: This is a well-known university and one of the very first. Former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and recent former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh completed their education at Oxford.
  5. Cambridge University: One of the top and most preferred Universities of the UK, first Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as well as the great economist and a Nobel laureate Amartya Sen are alumni from the Trinity College of Cambridge University.
High-Quality Education:

Of course, the UK for a considerably long time has owned a long-standing tradition to become one of the famous destinations of higher education after the USA. According to statistics, a large number of around 500,000 international students enroll every year.

To maintain their academic benchmark, the official authorities continuously assess and grade the teaching and research standards.

The universities of the UK with their consistent performance are one of the best in the world rankings and also reputed for its world-class research. Universities motivate students towards critical thinking, perfecting their skills that ensure a better future career.

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) is the authorized agency that conducts independent audits in spite of all the assurance of the universities.

Moreover, It is not a new thing that world-wide organizations and recruiters recognize British academic qualifications and certifications. Some of the UK universities offer sponsorship to the Tier 4 visa extension, many of the universities would lay an opportunity for a quality PG (Post-Graduate) study programs.

Adding to the above, professional authoritative bodies would lay a curriculum and review on the individual departments of colleges (Scotland) which may be undertaken by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education.

Did you know this? In compliance with a survey held in the year 2016, London is rated as the 5th student-friendly city in the world.

Opportunities Offered by the UK Universities:

If you count on, all the universities in the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland) offer around 150,000 courses that can be picked by the student. Besides, the student can contact the university directly to order the prospectus.

Eventually, a student pursuing a Master’s degree benefits a lot like the UK Master’s program duration is one year. If not, the student can opt for a Master’s degree program. It is combined with Ph.D. and that will save one more year. Such a short duration will save tuition and accommodation expenses.

For your information, the unique education system here will help students and teachers interaction. And, that can result in blending different subjects into new courses. This is how there is an availability of a wide variety of courses in UK universities

Note, universities support their students in the English language. They help in developing language skills that are crucial related to their educational career for a successful future.

Universities have advisors and counselors to help their students in any aspect of the university.

Research Infrastructure:

Here are some interesting facts; the United Kingdom constituting only 0.9% of the world’s total population puts across 11.6% of citations, 6.4% of global articles and 15.9% of the world’s highly cited articles.

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) who is authorized to assess the research quality of more than 154 top universities in the UK has classified that 30% of the research as ‘world-leading’ and 46% of the research as ‘internationally excellent’.

Finally, according to the International Comparative Performance of the UK Research Base, a report has been produced by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. It states that the UK maintains a very keen quality in its research departments. Some fields of medical and clinical sciences, as well as business and humanities, have a strong emphasis on UK research.

Reasonable Cost of Living:

This is one of the prominent reasons why a person planning to study abroad in UK as it is one of the hot study abroad destinations. It is nothing but the cost of living in the United Kingdom.

The fact is that the costs in the UK are very reasonable to live in. Costs are a little higher in cities like London but not everywhere in the UK. But, before stepping at a particular region in the UK, it is better to go through a little research.

The UK has an institutionalized national health care system that very few countries have. So, there is no reason to worry (it will reduce healthcare costs). Besides, the NHS (National Health Service will support you to stay healthy until you stay in the country.

Financial Support:

Whichever the UK University you choose, they are financially very affordable. The actual degree completion time in the UK is comparatively less when compared to other countries. It generally takes 4 years for an undergraduate degree and 2 to 3 years for a PG (postgraduate) degree in other countries.

But here in the UK, just 3 years for an undergraduate degree and only 1 year for a postgraduate degree. Suppose if you are in research, then it might take around 2 years.

Less duration, and hence less expenses overall.

In addition to all of the above, the British universities offer Bursaries, grants and scholarships to the students. Certain colleges consider only international students. The UK government grants some financial aid to students over 20,000 and also notes that you can work while studying.


Summarizing the blog, choosing the United Kingdom for higher post-graduation studies is a flawless opinion.

Not only education, but it is one of the most popular places to earn also. British Universities are experts in dealing with international students as it has been generations; students from foreign countries come here to study.

In simple, you are always welcomed from the point of application to the time when you walk across the stage for the degree.

The British Council will work with you in every aspect of an application and finding the right university. Universities and College Admissions Service will assist you to apply to institutions across the country.


Once you have been accepted, the university will treat you in a good manner. Some colleges will help you get to the living accommodation from the airport; some colleges even guarantee living accommodation for the first year.

All universities have an international student society that will support them in life there and interact with other international students.

On top of all the factors that we have discussed until this point, a student will never be marginalized based on his/her community (most of the UK Universities are LGBT friendly).

We hope that the information gathered above is helpful to you. But, before proceeding forward, please do a little research about the chosen university and contact authorized officials. ALL THE BEST!!!

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