Reading Tips For IELTS

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1)  The passages are arranged in ascending order according to the difficulty level. Manage the given time productively by spending less amount of time on the first passage during your IELTS test and eventually increasing the time you spend on the next two passages.

2)  Transfer the answers relevant to the first passage immediately after solving them and the same should be applied for the next passages. Don’t retain your answers till last because you wouldn’t get any extra time to do so.

3)  Don’t misinterpret that the second and third passages are easier just by seeing the length of the passages. The difficulty does not depend on how long the passage is rather how tough it is to find the answers for the questions.

4)  There is a high probability that you get T/F/NG and Y/N/NG tasks in two sections. Don’t mistake Y/N/NG to T/F/NG and vice versa. Observe the task given and follow accordingly.

5)  Make sure you transfer the answers correctly without any spelling mistakes. Do not alter the form of the word. Copy the exact word given out there in the passage during your IELTS test

6)  Be attentive to the word limit while transferring the answers from the question paper to answer sheet.

7)   Don’t try to read the complete passage, but try to solve the questions by understanding the gist of the passage.

8)   As there are no penalties for the wrong answer, do not leave any question unanswered rather give an educated guess based on the information you already have gathered from the passage.

9)  Read the instructions clearly before you start solving a task. It sometimes may contain a note indication that the answers might repeat.

10)   If you come across any unfamiliar word. Do not panic. Try to get the gist based on other words and phrases.

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