Planning for 8+ Band Score in IELTS?

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How to get band 8+ in IELTS? This is major stress generating a question for the applicants of the IELTS. It doesn’t mean that achieving an 8+band score in IELTS is an impossible task. However, a good IELTS band is the first step to study/work in native-English speaking countries.

IELTS is the only standardized English language test that is accepted for immigration purposes, by all countries. Moreover, it assesses your English skills in the following areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Even, you are not from English speaking nation but planning for 8+ Band Score in IELTS? You can get 8+ Band Score in IELTS with Texas Review Expert Trainers.

So, why Texas Review for IELTS?

At Texas Review, our mission is to help students attain their dream score on their IELTS test.  Our trainers are having years of experience in IELTS coaching and help you prepare, gain confidence and do the best for your test.

We provide IELTS training according to your convenience without disturbing your studies/work. However, we also provide you the complete course material and practice tests. Still, need assistance? Our customer support team is available through email and chat support.  Why late? Enroll Today and book Your Seat.

Achieving a high IELTS score requires understanding the IELTS format and sections with consistent preparation.  However, if you are studying for IELTS on your own and in search of the effective guide for your IELTS preparation to attain a high band score of 8+? Follow these 11 Steps to attaining a High IELTS Band Score:

11 Proven Steps for achieving a higher IELTS band of 8+

  • Make a Realistic Study Plan
  • Understand the test format and rules
  • Improve your English
  • Get a strategy
  • Enrich your Vocabulary
  • Get Feedback
  • Find your Weaknesses and improve them
  • Practice More
  • Take Full-length Tests
  • Relax on the day before your IELTS test day
  • Know the expectations of the Test day
Make a Realistic Study Plan

The first thing to consider while preparing for IELTS is to create an effective study plan and stick to it.

  • Set a target on your own.
  • Identify your strengths and weak areas.
  • Calculate the time you spend on studying for IELTS
  • Divide the time according to your needs (based on your strong and weak areas).
  • Don’t overstretch or you will succumb to stress and fatigue.
Understand the test format and rules

Make yourself familiar with the test format. Read the information for candidates’ booklet thoroughly.

Moreover, this booklet helps you to get an idea about the essential information on how to respond to each test part accurately.

Have a quick look at Fundamentals of IELTS and the sections that IELTS consists of.

Even you can get a copy from your IELTS test center. Get the facts. Don’t believe myths and rumors about the test. They will only distract you.

Improve your English

Learning a language requires some time and the best way to learn English is to take an English language course from the best IELTS coaching center like texasreview. You can get 8+ Band Score in IELTS with Texas Review Expert Trainers.

Improve your skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking by using English in your day to day activities. It is the best and proven way to improve your English.

Get a strategy

Creating and following a strategy is as important as creating and following a study plan. Each section in IELTS requires a separate strategy and a separate skill.

Whether you use a strategy from an expert at texasreview of coming up with your own, it is important that you follow a system that you can follow step-by-step.

Having a perfect strategy means you know exactly what to do on your test day, boosting both your confidence and grade massively.

Enrich your Vocabulary

Vocabulary makes up to 25% of your total marks in your IELTS writing and speaking tests. Furthermore, vocabulary plays a major role in the reading and listening sections of IELTS too.

However, learn new words each from various subjects as you can improve your vocabulary overnight.

Moreover, the best way to learn new words effectively and use them properly is through learning them from context.

Get Feedback 

If you are practicing for IELTS on your own and not getting exact feedback, that means you are in the dark and are not preparing properly. Feedback helps you overcome your flaws and improve your weak areas.

Take the help of an expert trainer and get feedback from them. Practice more and try to overcome your weak areas, thus achieving a good IELTS band of 8+.

Find your Weaknesses and improve them

This is one of the crucial steps to consider in order to attain a good IELTS score 8+. It helps you know your weak areas and improve them.

If you are unable to identify your weak areas, get help from your trainer. So, you can improve them. Moreover, our expert trainers at texasreview will provide you with effective tips to attain a good IELTS band 8+.

Practice… More…..

Instead of learning hours and hours, practice what you are learning every day.

Furthermore,  it is a known fact that “Practice makes a man perfect,” likewise, effective practice with an accurate study plan helps you attain a good IELTS band 8+.

Take Full-length Tests

Now, you’ve reached the final stage of your preparation. It’s the time to take a full-length IELTS test as these tests help know the result of your preparation.

Remember that the full-length IELTS test should be in the same pattern as of the official IELTS test.

However, if you come across any Common IELTS errors or any other errors, try to improve them as this is the last stage of your IELTS preparation.

Relax on the day before your IELTS test day

Take rest on the day before the test day and try to refresh your memory to test format, rules, etc.

Do not make the day busy with last-minute studies.

Plan your journey to the test center- make sure you are familiar with your IELTS test location and know how to reach the location on-time.

Take proper food and get plenty of rest this night.

Know the expectations of the Test day

Don’t forget to wake up early and get ready to reach the IELTS test center on-time.

Remember to bring your ID without fail.

Finally, try to stay calm and listen carefully to the supervisor’s instructions

Follow these eleven effective IELTS tips in order to get an 8+ band score in IELTS. Still need assistance, don’t hesitate to enquire at any moment.

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