People from around the globe have deemed the Canadian brand one of the best in the world.

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Canada is one of the best countries in the world loaded with the best employment opportunities as well as personal growth.
People around the globe have deemed the Canadian brand as one of the best around the globe.
Immigration to Canada is the dream for many as it is the prominent destination for those who are searching for the best quality of life and money.
Canada in 2019 is ranked third out of 50 countries on the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index. However, it has jumped up from fifth place in 2018 to third place this year in 2019. Canada is only behind France and top-ranked Germany.
The rankings were based on 20,035 online interviews conducted with adults over the age of 18 in 20 countries.
Moreover, Canada got placed first in three of the six distinct categories that were used to rank the 50 countries- immigration and investment, people and governance. Additionally, it is the only nation stood at the top in the top five that improved its standing in culture, governance, and tourism.
This is the second consecutive year that Canada ranked first for immigration and investment. Considering the country’s power to attract people to live, study or work as well as perceptions of its quality of life and business environment.
The score of immigration and investment depends on the five “composite attributes”- work and live, quality of life, academic qualifications, business investments, and equality in society.
Vadim Volos- A spokesperson for a lead researcher, elaborated on the findings in an email-statement to CIC News. However, Volos himself is unable to comment directly on the findings.
Participants in the research were also asked to give the 50 countries “personality traits.”
“The Immigration and Investment Index evaluates the country’s power of attracting capital and talent,” However, it measures not only the people who consider studying, working or living in that country, but also the country’s perceptions in terms of its economic prosperity, equality of opportunity, and finally whether it is perceived to be a place with a high quality of life.
Furthermore, the participants were asked to give the 50 countries “personality traits” in the research.
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