Ontario and Saskatchewan add 400,000 new jobs, as vacancies remain high

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In the latest report, job vacancies and payroll employment remain high, while unemployment sees decreases in September.

Across all sectors, job vacancies were up by 3.8% in September, to 994,800 vacant positions within Canada. The majority of these new job additions were in Ontario and Saskatchewan.

The job vacancy rate (total number of vacant positions as a proportion of labour demand) increased to 5.7%., indicating a continued need to fill positions amid employee shortages.

Seasonal factors tend to make September a month for large vacancies, however, even when accounting for this job vacancies remain high in Canada.

Which sectors had the highest job vacancies?

A job is counted as vacant by Statistics Canada, if:

  • A specific position currently exists; and
  • Work for this position could start within 30 days; and
  • The employer is actively seeking workers from outside the organization to fill the position.

In this context, certain sectors of the economy continued to have high job vacancies.

Health care and Social Assistance

Health care and social assistance saw 159,500 vacant positions in September, up from a record-high number of vacancies in August.

 Accommodation and Food Services

A sector continually searching for labour, accommodation, and food services saw 152,400 vacant positions in September, an increase of 12% from August.

Retail Trade

Retail trade saw a slight increase in job vacancies, with 117,300 vacant positions in September.

 Professional Scientific and Technical Services

An expansive sector that encompasses legal services, accounting, architectural and engineering, computer systems design, management consulting, advertising, public relations, and more.


The only industry to see a consistent decline in job vacancies was manufacturing, which was down to 76,000 job vacancies in September; from a peak of 92,100 just one month prior.

As Canada faces a record number of job vacancies

The Canadian government and Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) continue to take measures to solve a looming labour shortage, as more and more members of an ageing Canadian population go into retirement.

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