The New Changes Implemented in Australian Student Visa

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Recently, the Australian government has implemented a few changes in the student visa application process. All these changes became effective on March 23, 2024. Here one point to note is that all the new changes are associated with the Australian Genuine Student requirement.

Earlier, the international students need to complete the Genuine Temporary Entrant or GTE. The GTE consisted of a questionnaire and a 300-word personal statement mandatorily and if required an interview.

In place of GTE, the latest GS or Genuine Student has introduced answers to specific questions. The 300-word personal statement procedure of GTE has been cancelled.

What’s New about GS Requirement Questions

The purpose of the new GS Requirement from Australia is to create a transparent and personalised assessment of each student.

The GS Requirement question may include:

  • Information about your present circumstances, including your relationships with family, friends, coworkers and employers.
  • You need to explain why you have selected Australia as your preferred study-abroad destination.
  • You have to explain why the course you have chosen to study in Australia is going to give you benefits.
  • Further enquiries can be whether you have visited Australia before on a student visa and what course you have pursued then.

Student Visa Declaration

Along with the GS requirement, new changes have been implemented in the student visa declaration.
Applicants need to declare:

  • They will remain as genuine international students during their stay in Australia.
  • They have read and understood all the rules associated with the student visa application.
  • Post-study, only a few of them will be permitted to stay in Australia permanently and the rest have to leave the country.

Before applying for a student visa in Australia, you need to understand the new implementations made by the Government of Australia in the form of GS or Genuine Student requirements.

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