New Brunswick Announces New Immigration Pilot for Critical Workers

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New Immigration Pilot for Critical Workers at New Brunswick

Canada always welcomes new workers from all corners of the world due to significant labour shortages. On November 7, 2022, the provincial government of New Brunswick (a province in Canada) along with the Federal Government of Canada implemented a New Immigration Pilot program to address the critical labour shortages in various sectors and areas of the New Brunswick province. 

As it is a new venture in the immigration history of Canada, we must have a proper understanding of the program to make efficient use of it. Let’s delve deeper into the various things associated with it.

Overview of the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program

The provincial government of the New Brunswick province of Canada and the federal government jointly introduced the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program (NBCWP) in 2022 to tackle the critical labour shortages in various sectors of the New Brunswick province. This is the first kind of project in which the provincial New Brunswick government collaborates with the federal government for the first time. 

This is an employer-directed economic immigration program with a span of five years. Hence, interested candidates cannot apply for this program directly. Instead, their employers must apply for the pilot program on their behalf. 

Eligibility Requirements for the Candidates

Candidates have to fulfil the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Requirements to be eligible to apply for the program. They are as follows:

  1. Candidates must be within 19-55 years of age.
  2. They must have obtained a valid job offer from an employer in New Brunswick.
  3. Candidates must demonstrate their intent to reside in Canada.
  4. The salary offered on your employment letter must be competitive with the New Brunswick wages rate for occupation.
  5. They must meet the language requirements as stated by the Canadian government.

For example, the minimum scores required in each section of IELTS are:

 Reading-3.5, Writing and Speaking-4.0, and Listening-4.5.

  1. They must have completed a minimum of a high school diploma that is equivalent to the Canadian credential.
  2. They must have a work experience of 1,560 hours over a year.

Eligibility Requirements for Employers

As the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot is an employer-driven program, there are some eligibility criteria for the participant employers as well. Some of them are as follows.

  1. The employer must keep a good status with all the immigration programs controlled by both the provincial and the federal government and must follow the guidelines of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).
  2. They must keep a good record by following the provincial and federal employment standards, as well as the rules and regulations regarding the health and safety of regular as well as temporary foreign workers.
  3. They must have taken part in international recruitment missions with ONB immigration within the past two years.
  4. They must make and maintain plans for the accommodation and transportation of the workers even before they receive their PR.
  5. They must demonstrate that they have completed a Human Resource Support Services (HRSS) assessment in the last 2 years, or, prove that they can manage it with a written human resource plan or strategy., etc.

Application Process for the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program

Follow these steps to obtain a PR in Canada through the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot program.

  • Obtain an Employment Offer

The first step to applying for the New Brunswick pilot program is to get a valid full-time employment offer from an employer in New Brunswick. 

  • Expression of Interest (EOI)

You must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the official application portal of the Pilot program to further the proceedings.

  • Invitation to Apply (ITA)

You will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) if you have a valid job offer from a New Brunswick company and you have to complete your application within 45 days.

  • Apply to GNB (Government of New Brunswick)

The GNB will review your application and verify the details provided. They may conduct an interview as well, to check all the information provided by you.

  • Nomination and Work Permit Support Letter

The GNB will provide you with a nomination certificate to apply for a Canada PR and a work permit support letter to apply for a work permit from the Federal government. 

  • Apply for a PR at IRCC

You can apply for a Canada PR with the nomination certificate obtained from the GNB.

  • Decision From IRCC

Once your PR is approved, you can go to Canada and report at the GNB within 30 days.

Documents Required for the New Brunswick Pilot Program

  • Identity documents such as a birth certificate, passport, etc.
  • Language proficiency test results.
  • Education Credential Assessment documents.
  • Work experience documents.
  • Employment contract (proof that you have a valid job offer).
  • Consent and declaration (NB- 005) is mandatory.
  • Work permits (if you have any)

Documents to be Submitted by the Employer

  • Critical Worker Employer Declaration Form (NBCWP-004)
  • Employment Contract 
  • Settlement Plan
  • Attestation forms

Final Thoughts

The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot program, implemented by the provincial and the Federal governments of Canada, is a proactive effort taken by the government not only to manage the labour shortages in Canada but also to facilitate the inflow of skilled workers by providing settlement services for them.

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