Most Demanded Jobs in Canada

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Most Demanded Jobs in Canada

One question we get asked often is: What are the most in-demand jobs in Canada? As the number of immigrants to Canada annually increases, what are the most in-demand jobs in Canada? Here you go

It can be difficult to build a career path in some professions, especially when you rely on staffing agencies. However, there are consistently in-demand jobs in Canada, so building a career path in those disciplines is less challenging.

Organization                         NOC code Average Salary Related occupations
Software Engineer 2173 $100,582
University Professor 4011 $100,300
Aerospace Engineer 2146 $98347 Aircraft Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Spacecraft Design
Veterinarians (Vets) 3114 $95804
Electrical Engineer 2133 $91832 Electrical And Electronics Engineer
Project Manager


1221, 0211,0213, 0711 $91425


3131 $89314
Human Resources (HR) Managers


0112 $89003
Account Manager


4163 $86104
Business Development Manager


4163 $84003 Business Development Officers And Marketing Researchers And Consultants
Industrial Electrician


7242 $83671
University Lecturer


4011 $83584   –
Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic


7312 $82864 Heavy Equipment Technician, Agricultural Equipment Technician
Registered Nurse (RN)


3012 $77603
Welder 7327


$73504 Welders And Related Machine Operators
Web Developer


2175 $69305 Web Designer, Web Master, Search Engine Optimization Specialist
Human Resources and Recruitment Officers


1223 $65292 Human Resources Professional
Financial Advisor


1114, 0111 $62971 Financial Managers, Other Financial Officers, Financial Sales Representatives


1111, 0111 $59100
Sales Associate


6411 $52277
Merchandiser 6222


$48610 Retail And Wholesale Buyers
General Labourer


7611 $47678 Construction Trade Helpers And Labourers , Construction Craft Worker


3231 $47400
Administrative Assistant


1241 $45927


7511 1521,7452 $44836


1414 $31304


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