The Canada Express Entry: Your Path to Permanent Residency

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The Canadian Express Entry program is an application process focused on skilled workers who are seeking a Permanent Residency in the North American country.

The purpose of the program is to determine who is eligible to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada through an Express Entry draw.

The draw is organised to select the appropriate candidates from the list of received applications. The government uses different factors while selecting an appropriate candidate.

Please go through the article to get the necessary information on the Canada Express Entry draw.

How Does The Express Entry Pool Function?

The Canadian government uses the online Express Entry system to manage the applications of skilled workers. The Express Entry system is used to manage 3 immigration programs.

Canadian Experience ClassFederal Skilled Worker ProgramFederal Skilled Trades Program
Skilled Workers with a history of employment in Canada.Skilled Workers who have work experience in foreign countries.Skilled Workers qualified in a skilled trade.
3 years of prior experience before application.Must meet the education and other criteria.Have a valid job offer or adequate qualifications.

Understanding the Express Entry Pool and Invitation System (ITA) is necessary to figure out the entire process and for completing your Express Entry Profile online.

How to Apply for the Canada Express Entry program?

Applying for the Canada Express Entry program involves 7 steps.

1. Eligibility Check

You need to determine your eligibility by checking the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) tool. The tool will evaluate your age, education, work experience and language skills to give you a score. Then you need to check if you are meeting the minimum requirements for the program or not.

2. Collect The Documents

After eligibility checking is done, you need to collect all the documents.

  • Identity Proof – Passport
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Work Experience Proof
  • English Language Proficiency Test Score
  • Police Certificate
  • Medical Examination Result
  • Proof of Funds

3. Create an Express Entry Profile

You need to create an Express Entry Profile on the IRCC website if you have met the minimum requirement in the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System).

The profile will have information like your education, skills and complete work experience.

4. Invitation to Apply or ITA

IRCC will conduct a draw from the express entry pool with applicants having the higher CRS. They will invite the applicants to apply for permanent residence.

5. Application Submission

After receiving an ITA, you will get 60 days to submit your application. You need to pay the application fees along with the form submission.

6. Medical Checkup & Security Clearance

Medical checkup & security clearance are part of the Canada Express Entry application process.

7. Visa Approval

Finally, IRCC will check and if they consider you are the right person to get a PR visa in Canada, you are eligible to stay and work in Canada.

Overall, these are the 7 steps of the PR visa application process. Here, you need to remember one point, a high CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) can increase your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA). This is the pathway to Canadian citizenship.

Canada Express Entry Draw #295

The Canada Express Entry’s latest draw of 295 set a record for a remarkable reason. The cut-off express entry for Canada or the lowest CRS score in the draw was 410. The draw was for the French English language proficiency category. It invited 1400 candidates.

Express Entry Draw No.Date of DrawNumber of Invitations IssuedMinimum CRSProgram Specified
295April 24, 20241,400410French Language Proficiency

Why is Proficiency in The French Language Required?

Recently, the Canadian government has taken an important step. They are trying to attract French-speaking immigrants to Canada. The government is encouraging francophone immigrants to come to Canada.

Here francophone immigrants means French-speaking populations from countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and other countries.

Jobs to Get from Canada Express Entry

The IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has initiated the Express Entry category-based selection draws to adjust immigration to labour force needs in a better way.

At present, there are 5 in-demand Canada Express Entry jobs:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Agriculture and agri-food
  • Healthcare
  • Trade
  • Transport

In 2024, these are the immediate jobs you can get from the Express Entry of Canada.

Final Thoughts

The Express Entry program is the federal system for Canadian immigration. Under this program, you can achieve Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada through ITA (Invitation to Apply). After receiving a PR visa through the Express Entry program, you can reside anywhere in Canada.


How to increase the CRS score for Express Entry?You need to improve language test scores, gain more work experience and obtain higher education credentials to increase your CRS score.
Am I eligible to apply for Express Entry without a job offer?Yes, you can apply for Express Entry even without a job offer.
Provincial Nominee Programs vs. Express Entry - What is the major difference?Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are run by individual provinces targeting specific local needs. Express Entry is a federal system.
How does the Express Entry eligibility calculator work?The Express Entry eligibility calculator evaluates factors like your age, education, work experience and language skills to determine eligibility and your potential CRS score.
What happens after I receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)?After receiving an ITA, you must submit a complete application for permanent residence within 60 days.
Can I claim points for my family member’s education or work experience?No, you cannot claim points for your family member's education or work experience.

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