Job Opportunities in the UK for International Students

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Job Opportunities in the UK for International Students

The United Kingdom has gained the reputation of being the second largest economy in Europe and the sixth largest economy in the world owing to its global business sectors. It has an employment rate of over 75% and is the major reason behind attracting thousands of graduates every year. Over the years, the country has been the favorite destination for fresh graduates to begin their careers.  This blog is an attempt to throw light on the multitude of job opportunities in the UK for international students. Read on!

The UK’s unemployment rate is quite low at 4.8% , as compared to other nations. The graduate labour market in the UK is also strong with great prospects for international graduates. Candidates from top notch educational institutions have a fair chance of getting hired in spite of the cut throat competition among graduates. Furthermore, international candidates are highly sought after due to their language skills.  

The UK has plenty of job sectors which cater to the job needs of students. Owing to this reason, the UK has been the topmost choice of international students.

1) Why Work in the UK?

 As discussed earlier, the UK has one of the strongest economies in the world with a high standard of living, great working environment and a huge variety of available work. The nation follows principles such as low taxation, market liberalization and control as its national economy.

 Working in the UK offers huge opportunities to graduates in the STEM field. The country is in touch with the latest technologies, innovative science and world class engineering which boosts its economy. Many world class companies like HSBC, GlaxoSmithKline, Jaguar, Land Rover, British Airways etc. are based in the UK creating job opportunities for international students.

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2) Work Culture in the UK

  •   The UK work culture emphasizes on a healthy work – life balance for its employees. To meet the mental well being of the employees is of utmost importance as it improves productivity of the employees.
  •   Companies strictly stick to the working hours unless the work is of utmost importance.
  •   The nation promotes a peaceful workplace which helps in maintaining a healthy bond between the employees in order to increase efficacy.

3) Highly Paying Jobs in the UK

Job Positions

Annual Average Salary in GBP
Project Managers


Marketing and Sales Directors


Data Scientist


Medical Professionals

Business Analyst


HR Professionals





 4) Highly Demanded Jobs in the UK

  •    Education
  •   Engineering
  •   Healthcare
  •   Marketing
  •   Recruitment and HR 

5) A few in –Demand Jobs in the UK

1  Programmer and Software Developers    

2  Cyber Security Specialists     

3  Health Services and Residential Care

4  Architects   

5  Graphic Designers  

6  Physical Scientists

6) Skills Shortages

The UK is currently bearing a shortage of skilled manpower in these following sectors:

  •   Construction- Project Managers, Surveyors
  •   Engineering- Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Process Engineers
  •   Business – HR Officers, Market Researchers, Analysts
  •   Healthcare- Nurses, Radiographers
  •   IT- Software Developers, SEO Marketers, Cyber Security Analysts
  •   Social Care- Social Workers, Counsellors
  •   Architects

7) How to get a job in the UK?

It is advised to apply for a UK based job as early as possible as the recruitment process is thorough and time consuming. Once your job application gets selected and you are shortlisted for a job, you have to attend a series of interviews. This might be a one to one or a panel interview depending upon the company policy. The candidate might have to go through assessment centers, psychometric testing and various rounds of interviews to get hired.

In the UK a candidate can apply for a vacancy online or through word of mouth. Networking plays an important role when it comes to increasing your prospects of getting selected.

Job fairs and career events are excellent ways to help graduates connect with employers and explore job prospects.

8 )Internships

Many students opt for internships as they can be a great step towards your chosen career. The work experience will optimize your chances of securing a job position. After gaining relevant job experience a graduate can use the experience as an example during interviews.

9) Top Hiring Companies in the UK

  •     Google – Internet
  •     Salesforce- Computer Hardware and Software
  •     Microsoft- Technology Company
  •     Apple- Technology Company
  •     Meta- Technology Company
  •     SAP- Software Company
  •     Abcam- Protein Tools Seller
  •     GTB- Banking Sector
  •     Apple- Technology Company
  •     KPMG- Accounting Organizations
  •     Deloitte- Financial Services

10) The Skilled Worker Visa

 In order to ease the process of entering the UK, the Skilled Worker Visa, formerly known as the Tier 2 visas was introduced. This visa simplifies the movement of skilled aspirants to travel to the UK for work. Under this program applicants who have high professional skills are allowed to migrate to the country.

 Due to a dearth of skilled professionals in various industries like healthcare, management, construction and IT, the UK introduced this immigration law to strengthen its economy.  

 The work visa allows you to work and live in the UK for shorter or longer periods. It is issued to highly skilled workers from outside the European economic area and Switzerland, who have a job offer for a skilled job or a job in the shortage list. This visa allows you to travel outside the UK and also bring dependents to the UK through a tier 2 dependent visa.

11) Who needs a UK Skilled Worker visa?

 The eligibility criteria for a UK tier 2 visa are as follows:

  1.  you must have a job offer from a sponsoring employer in the UK in a skilled job category or a job in the shortage list
  2.  you must pass the general grounds for refusal. When assessing you visa application, the home office workers should be convinced of your non involvement in any criminal cases or any pending sentence
  3.  to qualify for the UK tier 2 visa, the applicant should have a minimum salary of  £25,600 per year

12) Documents required for a UK Tier 2 Visa

  •   Job offer letter from an authorized UK based company
  •   Academic Transcripts
  •   Employment Details
  •   Bank Statements of last one year
  •   Proof of Sufficient Funds
  •   A Passport
  •   Language Proficiency Test Results
  •   Other Documents

13) FAQs

Q. What is the validity of a tier 2 visa?

A. 5 years

Q. Cost of tier 2 visa?

A. £1,408

Q. What is the processing time of the visa?

A. 3 weeks

Q. Which are the highest paying jobs in the UK?

A. Engineering, healthcare professions, MBA are some of the highest paying jobs.

Q. what is the starting salary in the UK?

A.15, 000 GBP to 80,000 GBP.


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