Is it difficult to learn French Language?

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An important thing everyone should understand is that no language on Earth is difficult to learn. Yet it takes a lot of time and toil to master. But if you think you compete with the fluency of native French speaking people, then the question arises.

As already said, nothing is hard to learn, but things are hard to master. Suppose yourself, mastering your own language is tough. At the end of the thread, successful people in language proficiency would reach the point of becoming good speakers and writers who are even able to interpret the inner meaning of the literature.

So, note that every language has its own unique features and French too have such features which would throw a tough challenge if you wish to master the language.

Languages being the means of communication do have 3 phases to achieve a certain mastery level.


French is a pretty fluid language. If you compare it with other Latin languages, it is subtle too. Especially when you talk to the native people, they will soon detect the accent.

They will switch to English becoming quite impatient. It is a long and tedious journey to constantly refine you. We suggest listening to French music and watching French movies as much as possible.

This can gradually make you better even for group discussions. Because, one to one listening is not a great task but a group discussion matters as you need to achieve the level of versatility to succeed.

Let me present an example; French is an intensely homophonic language and of course natives are well versed in it(better than any non – native French speaker).

 Vert, vers, verre – c’est, ses, ces, sait

Observe these homophones; pronunciation is almost similar but they mean different things. You might not understand where one word ends and where the other begins. It takes a lot of practice listening.


As per experts’ explanations, speaking French isn’t hard if you are good at phonetics. Even good speakers after speaking their mother tongue for a long time and suddenly switching to French will face few problems. Their accent might go quite cold and their pronunciation levels become inconsistent.

But if it is in the case of English language seasoned professors should have to check the pronunciation twice in terms of vocabulary. But French doesn’t have any such problems and you could read the word loud and pronounce it correctly if you know the correct phonetics.

Don’t wait too long to speak; once consider these points:

Speak and start using the new words so that you can memorize them better. You will never forget their usage again.

By speaking from first, you will get to know what important aspects you are missing and what grammar usage tips you need to know.

Speaking a new language excites your mind and makes you feel a good momentum

By speaking, you evolve from the first step and learning becomes very easy and faster.

Remember! Committing mistakes is an unstoppable thing and don’t panic. Things will settle down in the process of evolution.

Reading & writing:

You will reach this phase once you have perfected your listening and speaking skills. Reading and writing in French is not really hard. Because, English and French have many grammatical rules in common. The only thing that matters is unique French vocabulary and that problem can be solved by reference.

Let us add something; French is very accessible to English speakers.

We know that French is a challenging language. In spite of this condition, if you are a native English speaker, you can access French with great ease..

It is because both English and French originate from the same root and it is ‘LATIN’. Therefore there are a number of similarities. Besides, you don’t have to add challenges which most of the Asian languages do have.


Summarizing the above points, perfect native French being a foreign language learner is hard, similar to living in a new place. It exhausts you mentally as you have to process every sound in your mind and then give output.

Apart from this practicing a language automatically implies practicing a culture too. It’s a lot cultural too and that might create the ripples of disturbance. Take support of TV media so that you can fix your problems one after another and move forward progressively.

Mistakes are common and inevitable. Observe your growth. Hard thing here is to sacrifice patience and time. Yet it is very easy and interesting if you are sensible and aesthetic. Language is all about expressing yourself in a refined manner (nothing but your language proficiency).Click here for the best French Language course in hyderabad.

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