Is French Language Overrated

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In the present times, it is very common to come across this question once anything gets a high value. The whole world is aware that the French language got a wide reputation as one of the most beautiful languages we hear apart from Italian.

Add, it is reasonably useful in numerous ways to International students, travelers and job seekers and holders in international organizations. It is undisputedly next to English with its vocabulary closest to English vocabulary. Not only this, if you are a native English speaker, it is considerably easy to learn the French language.

Still, it is hard to answer such open-ended questions as there are people around with their own opinions. As it is, it is hard to answer but not hard to judge yourself. You need some analysis to answer this type of question.

Let’s start with a baseline (Logline); for what criteria do you think about the French language and how is it being used?

It is because, without a specific reason (or criteria), you can’t rate anything in fact.

Take note of these:
  1. How do you feel when you hear the French language?
  2. Are you able to penetrate French culture through language? Or Does the French language reflects the culture of France?
  3. Is it cost-effective?
  4. Do you have French learning facilities around you?
  5. How do you make use of the French language? (Think in terms of Return Of Investment (doesn’t matter even if it is your personal interest))

Consider all the above questions and you will be guided in the right way to answer.

Simple Overview:

France does have an intricate history. If you study the historical scroll, France has one of the most influential and royal cultural and linguistic stories.

This statement might be irrelevant to our current question but this is the reason that French-language flourished with no borders.

Do you know that the French language is called “Romance Language”? Yes! French-speaking natives and French language make a good pair. It is a perception that the French language is one of the most beautiful sounding languages.

Observe the way French people talk. They talk in a flowing style connecting words and put a little stress on certain sounds. Combining this with the attitude they exude seems to be very much attractive.

French might be notoriously homophonic it’s melodious, simple as well as sophisticated. In comparison with other European languages, French is soft and melodious whereas others sound a bit harsh and less attractive.

If it is insisted to express our opinion, the French language is very pleasant to hear. It is decent and sophisticated.

Easy to learn to English speakers, basic grammar and vocabulary are very similar. Besides this, most of the English words are French.

But the words and terms which are uniquely French would make the language mostly confusing. There exists a lot of difference between conversational and textbook French usage.

The general pace of the French people is pretty fast and it makes the colloquial language hard to understand if you are new to the language.

The language not at all over-hyped or overrated. The French language has got a great sense of popularity due to its amazing features.

Concluding the topic, there had always been a demand for French. As we know that there are 38 countries that speak French and when we need to work in these countries or go for a tourist visit, we need to know French.

Even in non – French-speaking countries, there are many universities that are teaching French. In addition to this, there are many French companies that are spread across the world. In another way, we need French. Click here for a French language course in Hyderabad

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