Ireland Student Visa Requirements

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Do you have a plan to Study in Ireland? If you do have that wish, the following information about the student visa requirements in Ireland would be useful to you.

Nowadays, Ireland has become one of the popular study abroad destinations for the Indian international students. Ireland provides a good standard education in its top ranking universities. Also, the education and living expenses are low when compared to the United Kingdom.

If you wish to pursue your higher education in the Irish universities, then you should know their policies too (when applying for student visa).

However, international students who are nonnatives of European Union should apply for a study visa based on the degrees and the education program they plan to do. The Irish Naturalization and Immigration Services evaluates that according to the Visa Policy for Non-EEA (European Economic Area).

In general, the one has to submit his/her visa application 3 months before the travelling date (to Ireland).

Basic Types of Student Visas:

The basic types of student visas can be classified into short term and long term. If an international student enrolls for a course program with its program duration less than 3 months, he/she should apply for ‘C-Study Visa’.

However, probably Indian candidates planning for a full-time course program in accordance with Interim List of Eligible Programs must have a ‘D-Study Visa’ to enter Ireland.

Ireland Student Visa Process:

Firstly, the visa applicant has to qualify the following requirements;

Purpose of Visit (including Returning Intention):

The purpose of visiting Ireland should be very clear. The visa authority while issuing will generally intend that you will educate yourself and come back to your homeland carrying an enhanced new version of knowledge. If the authority senses your intentions to become an Irish Citizen, your application might probably be denied.

Admission Acceptance Letter:

Well, the candidate has to prove that he/she got an admission in an Irish Education Institute. For this, you need to produce an acceptance letter of the concerned school to confirm your admission in that particular college/school.

Financial Resources:

In fact, there are ample part-time job opportunities available in Ireland. Still, student visa applicants have to prove that they have immediate access to an amount of €10,000 apart from the course fees.

In addition, showing evidence of strong ties (such as bank accounts, properties, family) to your home land becomes an essential part of your Ireland student visa application process.

The Complete List Requirements of Ireland Student Visa application:

Now, let us go through the requirements for student visa application in Ireland and the checklist. Undoubtedly, you should check whether you have missed any necessary document beforehand. Carry all the required documents and necessary paperwork before you submit your application.

1)   A Cover Letter which explains the purpose of your travel and it has a brief description about you and your education including the reason to go to Ireland. It is an introductory key for the visa approval

2)   You need to submit the current passport and all the other passports (previously cancelled)

3)   Fill the AVATS Online Application (make sure to fill it completely along with the summary sheet)

4)   Appointment confirmation document which you booked through Visa Facilitation Services (VFS)

5)   VFS appointment needs Online fee payment receipt too

6)   Student visa Application form (completed)

7)   Supplementary Student Application form (completed)

8)   Letter of acceptance from the Irish university that you are accepted (the course time must be one academic year with a minimum study time of 15 hours/week

9)   SOP (Statement of Purpose)

10)   Curriculum Vitae along with 10th and 12th mark lists

11)   Diploma/ Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree documents

12)   Evidence of the gaps occurred (if any) in the educational history

13)   Documents that prove your work experience

14)   Course fee payment receipt

15)   Financial support evidences

16)   Private Medical Insurance documents

17)   Commitment letter that states your return after the expiry of your visa

18)   PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) – not older than 6 months from the date of application

19)   2 passport size photographs not older than 6 months (with your name and IRL number behind)

Ireland Student Visa Application Process:

It is to know that, the process of application for the Ireland student visa is an online process. You should collect the hard copy of the online form filled at the time of applying. In the next step, you should attach it to the set of documents you submit to the Irish embassy or the Visa Facilitation Services.

Note, in the case of Indian students, the visa applications are processed at New Delhi and the Irish Visa Office at the Ireland embassy. It takes around 4 to 6 week to complete the entire visa process. Therefore, apply soon after you get admission so that you can avoid unnecessary rust at the end.

Remember, when you fill AVATS Online Application, there are many steps involved while you fill the details of your past education and the future course program you are planning to take in Ireland.

Eventually, after you fill the online application, you should follow the summary application form generated by the online system. Now, this will direct you to the Visa Facilitation Services online site and you can pay the fee there.

In case of misleading and false data submission, your application will be rejected with no right to appeal. Or few times, it may lead to prevention of the candidate from further Irish visa applications (for 5 years).


Summarizing the above discussion, the following points are to be noted and followed at the time of Ireland Student Visa application.

Do not submit the Student Visa Application before 4 months to the course start. Remember, it will not be processed. Therefore, make sure you do not forget to carry originals and copies for documentation.

Keep in mind about the rule of 3 weeks and apply soon at around 6 weeks before the course starts.

And hence, we believe that the above information related to the Ireland Visa Requirements along with the application process is helpful to you.

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