No Change in The GVR Rules by Rishi Sunak’s Government

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In a recent development, the UK government led by PM Rishi Sunak has altered its stance on the Graduate Visa Route (GVR) scheme. The result is that Indian students have started showing interest in UK universities again.

The positive news has been given by organisations that track student immigration to different countries. According to them, there was a sudden 20-25% surge in queries from Indian students after the news about GVR came out.

According to sources from one of these organisations, earlier they were getting enquiry from around 110 to 120 students but the number has been increased to 140 to 150 students after the announcement made by the Rishi Sunak-led government.

Although the news is positive, everyone is not in the mood to find a conclusion from it. Everyone is waiting to receive confirmed news from the UK government.

The discontent started among the Indian students when PM Rishi Sunak announced that student immigration is causing problems in the UK and he wanted to stop the Post-Study work visa permit or at least wanted to curb it.

Not only Indian and other international students, but even Sunak’s own cabinet and several universities also protested against the decision.

Facing backlash from everywhere, Rishi Sunak ultimately thought to change its decision.

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