Top 10 Tips For Cracking Speaking In IELTS

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1) Speak no less than a word throughout the test.

2) The scores are based on your holistic performance in the three rounds. Each round is not assessed separately. So if u don’t perform well in one round, try to give your best in the next one.

3) In the second round, speak for complete 2 minutes. Failing to do so will reduce your score.

4) In the second round, make use of the first one minute given to you to do the required scratch work. Don’t mull over the choices, rather build your answer up.

5) IELTS, does not expect you to use a high level vocabulary, but remember you should not sound elementary.

6) Try to form complex sentences but don’t be redundant and circumloquent. Be concise and precise.

7) Try to show your range of grammar by using different grammatical structures of sentences. Grammatical range is one of the assessment criteria.

8) Use the tense in the sentence appropriately.  Observe the tense in the question and follow the same tense in your response.

9) Don’t get bothered by the recorder the examiner has. That is just for the administration purpose and you have absolutely nothing to do with it.

10) The volume and the pace with which you speak should be moderate enough for the examiner to understand you. Don’t speak low nor shout and at the same time don’t pace up.


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