IELTS Ready Premium Has Been Launched

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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) has recently launched a new service, named IELTS Ready Premium.

It is an exclusive service dedicated to those who are preparing to take the IELTS test.

The new IELTS platform will consist of 40 mock tests, recorded classes and native English speakers. Users can practise the mock tests in both timed and untimed formats. Even all the answers will be analysed automatically.

The test takers claimed that during the pilot period, 97% of test takers were happy with the test.

The new IELTS premium platform is powered by GEL (Guided E-Learning); they are a leading digital learning agency in English Language Teaching based in London.

With IELTS Ready Premium, the test takers can make writing practice with model answers. It will show the test takers what the examiners are expecting in the answer, how to reach the score you are hoping to achieve and lastly concrete feedback on every reading and listening question.

IELTS Ready Premium can help the test takers to detect what are their weaknesses and how to improve. Even videos will be available in the IELTS Ready Premium platform.

Test takers are going to receive unlimited free access to IELTS Ready Premium up to their test time.

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