IELTS Coaching Fee at Texas Review

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IELTS Coaching Fee at Texas Review

English is considered one of the global languages that possess multiple scopes in today’s world. From business to education, English has become a necessary tool for communication and success. In the field of education, many universities around the world offer courses and degrees taught in English, attracting students from diverse backgrounds. In the corporate world, proficiency in English is often a requirement for job positions, especially in multinational companies. English is also the primary language used in international trade and commerce. Since many individuals aspire to work, study, or live in English-speaking countries, it’s necessary to prove mastery in components such as speaking, writing, reading, and listening in English. IELTS offers a trustworthy and impartial exam system that millions of individuals worldwide can apply for due to all these factors. 

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized test designed to assess the English language proficiency of non-native speakers. It’s organized by IDP, and the test evaluates an individual’s skills in the reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections of the language. There are two types of IELTS tests, depending on the test taker’s purpose.

 IELTS Academic: It’s the test attempted by students who wish to enrol in an academic programme in an international country where the medium of instruction is English.

IELTS general training: It’s taken by individuals who aspire to work or migrate to an English-speaking country or students who wish to enrol in an academic programme below undergraduate level at an international educational institution. 

Why choose Texas Review?

Texas Review is the top-rated coaching centre for professionals and students who are planning to clear IELTS exams. As a rising leader in test prep coaching, we take pride in our higher success rate. Our 9+ years of experience in providing high-quality education have assisted hundreds of students in securing admission at their dream universities abroad by earning impeccable IELTS scores

We have established a number of consultancies and coaching institutes across the country in order to provide the best training for our thousands of candidates. Texas Review has discovered that our coaching has greatly assisted our non-native English speakers in improving their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, particularly when they only have a short time to prepare for their exams.

Our team of experienced trainers uses innovative teaching methods and the latest technology to ensure that our students receive the best possible education. We also provide personalised attention to each student, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and tailoring our coaching to suit their individual needs. At Texas Review, we believe that education is not just about memorising facts but about developing critical thinking skills and a love for learning. That’s why we encourage our students to ask questions, explore new ideas, and challenge themselves to reach their full potential. Our comprehensive study material and mock tests ensure that students are well-prepared for the actual exam. We also offer flexible timing and online classes for the convenience of our students. Our success rate speaks for itself, with many of our students achieving their desired scores on their first attempt. With our comprehensive coaching programme, we are confident that our students will achieve their academic goals and succeed in their chosen careers. So if you’re looking for top-quality coaching that will give you the edge you need to succeed, look no further than Texas Review! 

Our features

  • Effective study material: Our study materials with elaborative concepts and various methods are efficiently crafted by experts.
  • Online and offline coaching: We provide both online and offline coaching sessions under expert faculty. If a student has trouble getting to our coaching centre, we provide online or virtual coaching sessions.
  • Best classroom infrastructure: a positive learning atmosphere with plenty of space and air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Expert faculty: success-oriented training with strategic methods for each module delivered by industry experts
  • Flexible batches: convenient class timings with a limited number of students per batch
  • Tips and techniques: Our skilled trainers will help you go through each topic strategically and strengthen your weak areas with no-hassle mock examinations.
  • Unlimited practise sessions: Attempt unlimited practise sessions under the supervision of experts without any time limits.
  • Course validity and retake facility: Even though the course duration is 45 days, we provide 6 months of validity. If the candidate is not satisfied with the IELTS results, he or she can retake the course.
  • Learning concepts: Our trainers will cover all four modules and make sure that students achieve a high band score.
  • Personalised training: We offer personalised one-on-one training sessions, which are the most effective way of clearing doubts.

Plan your IELTS with Texas Review.

We offer two types of coaching sessions and services, such as:

  • Personalised one-on-one IELTS coaching for 20 days
  • Comprehensive classroom training for IELTS for 30 days (6-month validity)
  • Updated IELTS test materials that are revised on a quarterly basis.
  • experienced and resourceful faculty
  • Online portal and video lectures
  • Flexible timings

IELTS coaching fee at Texas Review

We understand that access to quality education is essential for personal and professional growth. At our institute, we strive to provide the best possible coaching at an affordable price. Our IELTS coaching fees range from ten thousand to fifteen thousand rupees + GST, depending on the location. In Hyderabad, the fee is set at ten thousand rupees + GST (10,000+ GST), making it accessible to a wider range of students. The average IELTS coaching Fee in other branches like, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Kochi might slightly change depending upon the city. However, it is always set at an affordable range from 10.000 rupees to 15,000 rupees plus GST charges. 

We believe that education should not be a luxury reserved for the privileged few but rather a fundamental right for all. By keeping our fees reasonable, we hope to empower more individuals to achieve their academic and career goals. Our experienced faculty and comprehensive curriculum ensure that our students receive top-notch training that prepares them for success in their IELTS exams and beyond. We are committed to providing quality education that is accessible and affordable to all.

How can your IELTS score help you? 

Benefits of getting 8+ bands in IELTS:

The IELTS assessment is the same in terms of content, analysis, test structure, and degree of scoring evaluation, whether you’re applying for school, a job, or a visa.

If your results are unsatisfactory, you can retake them whenever and as often as you choose since the test is conducted 4 times a month. However, passing the IELTS test takes time and a lot of practice. 

Study: Most English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia demand a decent IELTS band score from international students who want to study in a degree programme at their universities. Though universities ask for a minimum IELTS score as an eligibility criterion, it’d be better to go for a high band score to improve your chances of getting admission to your desired university.

Work: The IELTS test has become a prerequisite for aspirants who are seeking job opportunities in foreign countries as it is one of the most reliable tests to assess English skills. Many employers and multinational companies demand impressive IELTS scores from their non-native English-speaking applicants to facilitate better communication at work spaces.

Immigration: Many countries offer permanent resident status and settlement opportunities for highly skilled foreigners, and IELTS scores are one of the major eligibility criteria for this.

 IELTS modes of examination

Computerised Exam

 In a computer-based test, the candidate must complete the writing, reading, and listening portions online and type the answers in the allotted time. The speaking portion of the test is unchanged from the paper-based version. After 7 days, the test results will be available. 

Paper-based exam

Candidates must write their responses for the writing, reading, and listening modules on the actual test paper when taking the IELTS on paper. The applicants will receive a piece of paper, a pen, and an additional 10 minutes to transfer their responses to the paper. After 13 days, the test’s results will be available.

IELTS exam pattern

The IELTS exam consists of four distinct modules: writing, reading, listening, and speaking. The test lasts for two hours and forty-five minutes. The candidate will have an additional 10 minutes to write down their answers if they choose a paper-based test. The examiners evaluate the candidate’s English proficiency using a variety of criteria.

These parameters include grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, fluency, and comprehension. The test is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in English in various real-life situations. The reading section evaluates the candidate’s ability to understand written English texts, while the listening section tests their ability to comprehend spoken English. The writing section assesses their ability to express their thoughts and ideas in written English, while the speaking section evaluates their ability to communicate verbally in English.

Each section is scored separately, and then an overall band score is calculated by taking the average of the four scores. The highest possible band score is 9, which indicates expert proficiency in all four areas. However, most universities and employers require a minimum band score of 6 or 7 for admission or employment. It’s important to note that the IELTS test is not a pass/fail exam but rather a measure of one’s ability to communicate effectively in English.

We offer free counselling at all of our centres and help aspirants plan their dreams of going abroad.For more details, contact us at 9100444920 or mail us:

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