How to Start Preparing for CAT

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If you are planning to start preparation for CAT, this blog would undoubtedly help you or at least accelerate your preparation. Common Admission Test, the so called CAT Examination is conducted by IIMCAT regarding MBA admission programs. Indian Institute of Management (IIMS) offers this. There is a test taking populace of over 2 lakh appear every year. Probably CAT test is conducted by one of the IIMs pan India over 156 cities. It is an online test. This is a national test happening in a frequency once a year.

Coming back to the question! How to crack CAT exam?

How to Crack CAT Examination?

This is the question every MBA seeker comes across. This is not really a confusing question as stance (position) i.e.

Consider these few points to think about;

  • Test your Readiness
  • Understand how prepared you are.
  • Determine the target
  • Draw a strategy and step forward; success is guaranteed.

How to Prepare for CAT: Coaching Center or Self Prep?

This becomes the first step of your plan to gather resources. Once you think about CAT examination, there is no doubt that you are qualified but need some preparation to meet the test expectation.

However, to understand the motive of the test makers and the intention of the test pattern, you need a guide. Can you deny? And hence you need a coach.

If the test your educational qualifications, you obviously have a documents and you are eligible. But, CAT is a management aptitude test and you’ve got to prove some criteria to pass through the filters.

Therefore, it is better to seek guidance for an unwavering expected result in your CAT competition. Have a look at the eligibility criteria and examination pattern for a better awareness of the ground you play. Through this, you can estimate the competition populace and your preparation intensity.

For details about the best CAT coaching centre; visit

 CAT criteria of eligibility:

  • Possession of a bachelor’s degree with minimum 50% score or equivalent CGPA (with respect to their category) from a recognized board or university
  • A professional degree (CA/ CS/ ICWA) with sufficient percentage
  • Candidates who appear final year bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification (waiting for the result)fvdh

CAT Examination Pattern:

No. of sessions
2 (forenoon and afternoon)
No. of sections - 3
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension [VARC]
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning [DILR]
Quantitative Ability [QA]
180 minutes (60 minutes per section)
No. of questions
VARC – 34
DILR – 32
QA – 34
Total no. of questions – 100
Total Marks
Language Medium
Types of questions
2 Types (MCQs & Non – MCQs)
Score scheme
Each question carries 3 marks
For MCQs, negative marking of 1/3(-1) for each incorrect.
For non – MCQs, no negative marks

Let’s get in to some preparation tactics:

How to Prepare for CAT Examination?

How to Prepare for CAT: Perfect Your Basics

What is the first step in the journey, “How to study for CAT?” 

Eligibility to appear in the test is already discussed above, but the eligibility to score is based on your perfection of the basics.

Perfect basics can declare the speed and efficiency of your calculation skills and every competitive test needs it including CAT.

So, master all the basic concepts in respective subjects. There is nothing complicated in attaining the mastery. It’s a matter of time and practice blend.

Note this; if you know some concepts better, then you should definitely have a problem with some other concepts.

So, revise them as many times as possible to bring all to the same edge. This will give a strong support to your self confidence. Believe this!

How to Prepare for CAT: CAT Mock Tests

If you want to make this simple, CAT mock test is the true winning strategy. Once you are done with your basic preparation of foundation concepts, you need to take mock tests.

This will let you know your position in your CAT journey. It helps you in updating your prep strategies in the path of your action.

Besides, you will get to know your own strengths and weaknesses. Once you come to know them, you can change your policies accordingly. In addition to this, things become easy to your mentor to guide you better.

You can get instant feedback yourself and from your mentor which can successfully accelerate your pace of action.

Note your silly mistakes and you can avoid them in future mock tests sharpening yourself gradually.

How to Prepare for CAT: Group study

Studying in group generally inspire to do things without getting bored. You can achieve anything accompanying with your buddies.

Clear each other doubts, discussing the concepts and sharing knowledge becomes the big benefit. Join and move forward together with new ideas and become successful. Let us plan how to study for CAT now.

CAT Preparation Strategy: Section wise Strategy for a 99 Percentile in CAT

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC):

More you practice, the more you score regarding this section. Practice will enhance your speed reading skills. Consequently you can answer more questions in less time and it would help you in further revision. Suggesting is easier than action, it’s your thing to understand and you need to practice for that. For this section to excel, you should follow the instructions of your mentor and answer odd sentences, Para – jumbles and summary related questions as much as possible. Keep in mind that practice is the key to success.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR):

Solve the questions first and let it take time. Once the task is completed, then go for the solutions and check yourself. Through this, you can answer different types of questions and it increases your approach to the concepts.

Quantitative Ability (QA):

Quant is an evergreen subject in terms of its accessibility or difficulty, but it depends on you. But, if you are well versed in basics, there is no need to worry. Hence, learn shortcuts and tricks from your instructors. Be the first person to answer in your group and strive for that. Quant is completely about foundation and it is basics. That’s all!

Self confidence:

Here in particular if you wish to know how to crack CAT test, then always be motivated and stay positive. There are many tried and tested methods that keep you motivated.

In addition to this, be innovative to create your own ideas and go by trial and error methods. Through this, you will approach the concepts more closely. The point is if you are preparing alone, it becomes very tough to surpass even a hurdle.

Never leave any of your doubts unanswered. Such mistakes would make us pay. Always be alert.

Conclusion: How to Study for CAT

Concluding this blog “How to study for CAT?”, almost all CAT toppers who scored 99% have stated a rough estimation of 5 – 6 months preparation to crack CAT test with an expected score.

But still, if you want to know the correct answer, you are the best judge to decide how and when to start the CAT preparation. You better ask yourself the time you need and the time that suits to start CAT preparation.

Combine study material with internet:

Try this once and you will get quintal information. Because, your study material has limited information, but if you combine that with the internet, you get plenty of examples from many other perspectives. There are a lot of question banks, sample papers by experts. You can accelerate practice with the help of technology.

All you have to do is allot a good time for preparation.

Time management:

Believe! If you fail in this, where else can you succeed?

Because, CAT would not only test your subject oriented knowledge, but also your time management skills. The point to complete the test in the given time talks about the strategy excellence and how hard you worked for the preparation.

Of course one should learn the tactics of time management to crack CAT exam. Regarding this, qualified people suggest on how to prepare for CAT;

Attempt each section in 3 rounds. In the first round, answer the questions you are sure about. In the 2nd answer the questions that are an opportunity and in the 3rd answer that are time consuming. But answer all non-MCQ as there is no negative marking for them.

We, Texas Review are the expertise and proved ourselves in training and offering best CAT course to the potential aspirants.

Make your CAT test preparation plan keeping all the above things in mind, and we are sure you can crack it. ALL THE BEST!!!

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