How to Prepare for GMAT Verbal Reasoning

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How to Prepare for GMAT Verbal Reasoning

The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a computer adaptive test taken by aspirants who dream of pursuing their MBA in their favorite B schools. This test is an entrance criterion and has gained acceptability in over 2300 colleges and 7000 programs across the world.

The Verbal Reasoning section of the GMAT is one of the four sections of the GMAT syllabus. This section measures your ability to read, understand and evaluate arguments on logical principles. Furthermore, this section has a complete set of 36 questions and you are required to answer those questions in 65 minutes. The questions will be of 3 types namely Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction and will be in multiple-choice formats.

GMAT verbal reasoning might be considered by a few to be a huge challenge. However, if this section is approached with proper planning and precise preparation you can surely nail this.

After a proper analysis, we have zeroed in on the following ways to crack GMAT verbal reasoning section with a good score. Read on!

Read Everyday

A lot of students take the verbal section lightly. They often consider this section to be easier given the fact that it is about the basic English language. However, to crack the GMAT with flying colors you are required to master the habit of reading voraciously. Verbal reasoning demands proper usage of words and phrases, sentences free from grammatical errors, and excellent vocabulary. To ace this section you have to make a habit of reading every day.

Enroll in a Coaching Centre

Enroll in a private test prep institution or coaching center which has a good track record and qualified instructors. This will help you in availing of a structured plan for your GMAT syllabus. Moreover, a professional instructor may provide you with GMAT skill development, proper guidance, and constructive feedback which will give you a clear picture of your progress and development.

Focus on GMAT Reading Comprehension Skills 

Success in Reading Comprehension depends on 2 components: the correct reading strategy and a deep understanding of how questions are framed in a difficult way.

The format of the reading comprehension requires you to read a given passage and finally, answer questions based on them. You will have to evaluate the subject matter in the passage, understand its motive and apply it to a further context.  

The topics on the passage will range from humanities, business, and social sciences, physical or biological sciences. The aim of this section is to evaluate you your understanding and interpretation skills.

To score better on the reading comprehension section you can follow these steps

  • Identify what is being asked: try to understand the question clearly. A better idea of the question will make it easier for you to answer it with proper clarity.
  • Answer questions based on the passage: stick to the contents of the passage for your answer choice. Do not let your own views and ideas about the topic influence your answer choice.
  • Understand the passage: read the passage carefully and understand what it conveys. Read all the choices carefully before answering.

Focus on GMAT Critical Reasoning Skills

The Critical Reasoning section carries around 11 questions. It is framed to analyze your knowledge of evaluating arguments drawing logical and rational conclusions.

The questions are collected from various sources and are usually less than a hundred words. You do not have to be completely familiar with the subject matter to answer correctly.

While preparing for the critical reasoning section you can follow these steps to enhance your score

  • Read the question first: to understand the subject matter, read the questions first. Then read the material on which the questions are based. Figuring out the type of question will surely help in understanding what you should be looking for in the passage.
  • Determine what method of reasoning the author uses and choose a response that either helps or hurts the way of reasoning for ‘strengthen’ or ‘weaken-the-argument’ questions
  • Think carefully about what exactly is asked of you: after reading the questions try figuring out what is asked of you. Does the question demand interference on the given information? Are you asked to make compatible views on opposed positions?
  • Read all the answer choices

Focus on GMAT Sentence Correction Skills

The Sentence Correction section presents you with an underlined sentence that requires phrasing. You will be given a choice of four different phrases. Out of these four phrases, you will have to choose the answer which best suits the sentence. Please make sure the answer is free from grammatical errors and is clear and effective.

  • Focus on reading the entire sentence carefully: to understand the aim of the sentence, focus on reading the sentence carefully
  • Read the underlined part of the sentence carefully for errors and corrections
  • Evaluate how well each choice correctly fits the original sentence
  • Look for grammatical and idiomatic usage, general clarity, and appropriate usage of words
  • Please note that some sentences may not require any corrections

Adhere to the Time Limit

GMAT is a computer adaptive test with a strict time limit. Practice finishing your exams within the given time limit. Build strong foundations in both the concepts and techniques related to verbal reasoning and then answer practice questions.  

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